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Free $5 to play poker..

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Francisco Gramajo    (2009-03-23)
Free $5 to play poker..

I give you $5 or more, just to sign in with this link... http://Pokarito.friends.pdcpoker.com

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-23 15:44:12)
Best poker sites

Well this thread may be a good place to discuss the best poker places... Do you know other sites where to play Poker Texas Hold'em ?

I have no time to try it anyway but it's always good to know.

Benjamin Block    (2009-03-28 09:04:48)
Other sites

There are some site that have free tournamnets. You can win in them and then play bigger and bigger some have earned over $10 000 starting with no money. But the most sites you need to be 18. I don┤t really understand why. If it is free tournament why do you need to be 18? You can┤t lose any money. Maybe they only want players that they can take money from. At the moment i play on pogo.com it is free and you win tickets that you can win money but the chans is very smal.

Francisco Gramajo    (2009-03-30 02:40:35)
I played in a lot of places...

fulltiltpoker, pokerstars are just fine, but long way from pdcpoker. Remember: I will pay you $5 just for download the software, create your account and start playing real money (tables starting from $0.01/.02 blinds). If you make your first deposit you going to receive full refund up to $600. With more than 20 years of playing video poker and now like 8 years playing thru the internet, gives me the authority to tell you. http://Pokarito.friends.pdcpoker.com Is the best!

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-30 14:35:37)
Casinos & poker

Hi Francisco, I'm not sure (I don't know much about it) but your offer may look like affiliate systems just like in every casino online. Maybe that's not the right way to promote poker places anymore.

Ulrich Imbeck    (2009-03-30 21:42:52)
Online Casinos

Is it here at ficgs.com first of all with less money and more aspects of honour and friendship?