Following the WBCCC games Round 1


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Jimmy Huggins    (2011-01-18)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

With less than 3 hours to go for the WBCCC Round 1 to begin. I will help everyone out here to follow what games they want to follow. Here are all the links for games.

B=Board, this is so you know who is at the top table and so on.

()=There real name on here if its needed.

B1-Wayne Lowerance vs ralunger(Ramil Germanes)

B2-Uly(Vytron) vs Loboestepario(Gino Figlio)

B3-Moz vs deka

B4-parmetd (Daniel Parmet) vs Sebastian Boehme

B5-National12 vs SpiderG (Peter Marriott)

B6-Schachmatt (Matt O'Brein) vs Omprakash

B7-Mark Eldridge vs Weirwindle

B8-stepanie vs Ruben Comes

B9-Balabachi vs jitan

B10-Natmaku vs CumnorChessClub (Kevin E. Plant)

B11-Keoki010 (George Clement) vs Tomski1981

B12-CumnorChessClub(Kevin E.Plant) vs wight054

B13-Scott Nichols vs indrajit_sg

B14-donkasand vs David Evans

B15-ppipper vs Fulcrm2000

B16-Anne-Marge vs SchachProfi (Alex)

B17-Kamesh(Kamesh Nookala) vs TheHug(Jimmy Huggins)

Everyone plays 2 games in our Swiss style format per round. This is everyone's 2nd game.

B1-deka vs Wayne Lowrance

B2-Loboestepario(Gino Figilo) vs parmetd(Daniel Parmet)

B3-ralunger(Ramil Germanes) vs Moz

B4-Sebastian Boehme vs Uly(Vytron)

B5-Weirwindle vs National12

B6-Omprakash vs stephanie

B7-SpiderG(Peter Marriott) vs Mark Eldridge

B8-Ruben Comes vs Schachmatt(Matthew O'Berin)

B9-Tomski1981 vs Balabachi

B10-CumnorChessClub(Kevin E.Plant) vs wight054

B11-jatin vs keoki010(George Clement)

B12-Sekos vs natmaku

B13-Fulcrum2000 vs Scott Nichols

B14-David Evans vs Anne-Marge

B15-TheHug(Jimmy Huggins) vs ppipper

B16-SchachProfi (Alex) vs donkasand

B17-indrajit_sg vs Kamesh(Kamesh Nookala)

This should make it easier for everyone to follow the games. Please leave comments for the players. They will would very much like it. I will try to update the forum as games go on and finish.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-01-18 21:19:47)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

Thanks Jimmy for posting the links. Good luck everyone... and to the tournament directors too! (I know this must be quite stressful to make a 1st edition with a new software)

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-01-18 21:32:48)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

The undertaking of the software was very good! I was ever impressive with not only the Xxcfplay client, but the software being used to post all the moves to the Rybka Forum. Once a move is made it makes it to the threads you see above in just about a minute or less. Considering the time they had I gave them a A++.

Scott Nichols    (2011-01-18 22:29:17)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

I second that Jimmy, and an A++ for you as well!

Garvin Gray    (2011-01-19 13:41:10)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

And a F for me right lol

Scott Nichols    (2011-01-19 14:53:35)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

Sorry Garvin, A++ for you also. I hope you survived the flood, :)

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-01-19 18:24:52)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

No Gray not an F for you. You get an A++ as well. You helped in many ways. And you will play a critical round in the games as the reach toward the end.

Scott Nichols    (2011-01-23 11:21:15)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

Sad to say, Jimmy's one core computer gave out. He MAY have to forfeit first and maybe second round games before he gets back up. Meanwhile I will try to keep players up to date on FICGS side.

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-01-29 07:15:06)
Following the WBCCC games Round 1

I have been following the games for a couple of days now. I will get my new computer next week. I will make an update then.