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Jose Carrillo    (2006-04-11)
Fischer Random Chess / Chess960

Hello all! I'm the moderator of the Fischer Random Chess email Club (FRCEC) and I'm always looking for sites in the net that support Chess960, to promote them in my club, and to use to coordinate Chess960 events. To visit FRCEC got to: Jose Carrillo

Jose Carrillo    (2006-04-11 23:28:13)
Chess960 Challenge

I'm new to the site, and learning how to use it. Anyone interested can challenge me to a Chess960 game. Thanks.

Carlos Guzman    (2006-04-12 06:30:26)

HOLA: Jose Solo queria saber de donde eres ?, Yo soy de Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

Jose Carrillo    (2006-04-12 22:11:38)
Otro Boricua!

Tambien soy puertorriqueno! Soy original de Trujillo Alto, pero actualmente vivo en Canada.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-24 13:20:05)
Looking for 3 more players...

... to complete the first Fischer Random Chess tournament ! (Special tournaments category)

Have good games...

Daniel De Noose    (2006-04-26 15:57:55)
How to join ?

How can I join the chess 960 tournament ? I don't see it !

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-26 16:07:15)
Special tournaments

Hello Daniel. Chess 960 & Thematic tournaments (actual is king's gambit) are in category :


Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-29 15:04:10)

The first Chess 960 tournament just started ! :)

Now you can follow the games with the javascript viewer too.

Jose Carrillo    (2006-05-01 01:34:24)
Other Chess960 opening positions

Thibault, When will other Chess960 openings be available? In FRCEC, we prefer to run tournaments where every game in the tournament begins with a different opening position. It avoids repetition. Let see how this tournament develops. Cheers, Jose

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-01 14:27:08)

Thinking about it... I like the idea where all start positions are the same in the whole tournament.

Jose Carrillo    (2006-05-03 00:19:03)

Why? It defeats the purpose of Chess960. Everyone in the tournament is just playing a Chess960 game, not the same opening position. Using the same opening position simulates a regular chess tournament (i.e. repetition). Anyway, at least it should be an option to have differnt opening position per game in the same tournament. It's more in line with the "purpose" of Fischerandom Chess.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-03 04:41:09)
Start positions

It seems to me that changing the start position from classical chess is "sufficient"... The purpose was, according to Fischer, to avoid databases and to favour creativity.. The same positions in the whole tournament allows to compare & analyze a bit deeper, maybe understand better the position. The start position will be different for the next tournament (working on). There are "only" 960 positions, there will be repetitions anyway... And what do you think about the Fischer rules ? Seems strange to me. I wonder if everyone knows how to castle in other start positions (king or rooks at different places)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-03 14:15:54)
Chess 4000 ?

About Fischer Random Chess / Chess 960, the king' start position must be between the rooks to allow this strange castling. Why ?! Wasn't it ok to forbid this unusual (non-sense) move in these other cases... The number of positions should increase a lot. Does anyone knows the number of positions resulting ?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-04 01:03:58)
Update - Chess 960

The start position for Chess 960 tournaments will change each time a tournament starts ! The start position for the next tournament is the Chess 960 board in the Help section.

Have good games...

Jose Carrillo    (2006-05-05 00:25:09)
Start positions

In FRECC santioned events, we rather have each board be different within the same tournament. It favours even more creativity when each board is different, and no one can look at another board for ideas. Look at a sample FRCEC tournament:

Jose Carrillo    (2006-05-05 00:32:18)
Chess 4000 ?

Forbid what unusual (non-sense) move? Castling? Chess960 was meant to be the bigger picture, where regular chess is just one of the openings. Regular chess has castling and so does Chess960. About Chess 4000, without King placement restrictions, and without castling... Sure... I'm sure there are players that will play it. There are hundreds of chess variants. Some more popular than others... In FRCEC we only play Chess960, the bigger chess picture!

Jose Carrillo    (2006-05-05 00:34:33)
Re: Update - Chess 960

Excellent news! How do I set up a one game match against somebody?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-05 15:36:17)
2 players matches

Hello Jose ! That is not possible yet. There's no players enough to create other tournament categories.. The delay before tournament start could increase significantly.

Jose Carrillo    (2006-05-05 18:37:09)
Re: 2 players matches

Don't we need only 2 players for a two-game match? Why do we need to create a whole tournament? I'm only interested in playing one other player. Are all the games in FICGS tournament based? Are there no individual matches?