Fire 131 vs Rybka 4


Fire 1.31 vs. Rybka 4

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Thibault de Vassal    (2010-06-02)
Fire 1.31 vs. Rybka 4

It seems that the forthcoming match between the top chess engines will be Rybka 4 (just released) versus Fire 1.31 (a new free engine from the Ippolit/Ivanhoe/Robbolito series that may be a clone of Rybka but we still have no clue about this). By the way does anyone know the differences between Fire 1.31 and Firebird 1.2, it seems to me that only the name changed.

Of course Stockfish & Naum are in the race but it will be interesting to see if the creator of Rybka has found a way to keep its great engine above its supposed clones.

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-06-02 16:39:14)
Fire 1.31 vs. Rybka 4

Thibault the changes are, Maintanence release. Some cfg issues fixed. But I think what ever it, is stronger than 1.3.0. Just my gut feeling.

Peter Marriott    (2010-06-03 20:48:56)
Fire 1.31 vs. Rybka 4

You mean 1.2 is stronger than 1.3? I don't think so, 1.3 definitely stronger, maybe not by much, but stronger. 1.31 is a maintenance release, not 1.3. If you wanna know specifically what the improvements are, go to:

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-06-04 00:39:43)
Fire 1.31 vs. Rybka 4

! implied that 1.3.1 is stronger than 1.3.0 But maybe not. I have some testing results using Nunn2 database, eng-eng.
R4- Fire: 9-6=15 I terminated match.
R4-Stockfish: 15-11=24
Not making claims for strength just my short results thus far. But I like R4, lots of settings to play with. BTW R4 settings were not default.

Kevin D. Plant    (2010-06-25 12:00:56)
Fire 1.31 vs. Rybka 4

Firebird is a brand name, trademark of the Firebird Foundation Inc, so they changed it to Fire.

Peter Marriott    (2010-06-28 07:20:34)
Fire 1.31 vs. Rybka 4

Sorry Wayne. I guess I didn't read the first of your post. :P