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Viktor Shishkin    (2011-09-23)
Find a game!

Find a game which started by 1.e4 Nf6 2.f3 and ended by 5...N:h1#

It is a famous puzzle.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-09-23 21:31:12)
Find a game!

You mean Nxh1# or Nh1# ?

The first moves don't look really useful, at a first sight of course :)

Viktor Shishkin    (2011-09-23 21:33:58)
Find a game!

I mean Nxh1#

Benjamin Block    (2011-09-24 13:40:00)
Find a game!

1.e4 Nf6 2.f3 Nxe4 3.Qe2 Ng3 4.Qxe7+ Qxe7+ 5.Kf2 Nxh1#

Viktor Shishkin    (2011-09-24 15:39:48)
Find a game!