Ficgs World Championship 13


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Garvin Gray    (2013-12-28)
Ficgs World Championship 13

Been asked in the results thread, thought I would bring it across to here.

When is it going to start?

I have a secondary comment and suggestion that relates to starting time. Number 12 and the groups from 10 and 11 all started at the same time. That loaded a lot of games at the same time, which I certainly found to be a huge impost and impacted on the standard of play.

I went in one day from only having a few games, to having 10 Round Robin Final games, a second stage final plus a first stage M division all started at the same time.

All these games were started at exactly the same time. Not even a week apart from each other.

I really do wish for this upcoming cycle that the divisions do not start at the same time.

For instances, there is no reason why entries for number 13 could not be open now with the idea of starting February 1.

Then all the second stages/knockouts from previous groups could start in March, which has been commented on by Thib in the chat bar.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-12-29 18:12:25)
Ficgs World Championship 13

March 1st, 2014... 8 months after the previous one, as usual.

I understand that starting all new rounds at the same time is quite heavy but at least it is clear, including for me :)

Anyway, let's gather a few opinions on this to discuss it further.

Garvin Gray    (2013-12-29 23:37:42)
Ficgs World Championship 13

Just because it is clear, does not mean it is best. As you quite often have said. This event is meant to be about finding the best player, hence quite a few of the rules which I do not agree with, but that is your justification.

So if that is the justification, then starting so many games at the same time can not help the standard of play and then hence can not help in getting through as many of the best players as possible.

Peter W. Anderson    (2013-12-30 10:00:31)
Ficgs World Championship 13

I am not sure that having lots of games starting at exactly the same time is really the problem. Having lots of them running simultaneously seems to be the issue to me and I don't see how that can be avoided without slowing down the world championship cycles.

I'll recount my own recent experience. I had a cycle 12 quarter final starting 2/7/13 and a cycle 11 semi-final starting 3/7/13. That I could manage OK. Then I had a cycle 10 round robin final starting 29/7/13. This gave 26 games and I did find this quite a strain. I don't think that overall it was any better than if the round robin had started at the beginning of July. Yes I had nearly a month with only 16 games, but on the other hand some of those 16 games were reaching difficult points and requiring lots of time when I had to start the extra 10.

If the round robin final had been started in say September or October then it would have been easier for me but that seems to be introducing an unacceptable delay.