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Fed Up

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Wayne Lowrance    (2010-01-07)
Fed Up

I am sick and tired of all this forbidden stuff. Hell everyone here knows who the clone is, if it is a clone. Chess for us is a hobby, for Vas it is his income, but he is gonna have to deal with it, as he is with the cloud idea. If he has a legal case with certain developments then he should put up or shut up. This not gonna be popular with all the rybka chess nurds on the Rybka forum, it is just the position I have slowly grown into. Vas has made promises which he cannot/will not honor. So I show him no Honor. I am making reference to all the deleted, hush hush bickering and restrictions of naming suspected Rybka clones.

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-01-07 00:42:00)
Fed Up

The above was posted in the Rybka forum.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-01-07 01:49:41)
Rybka vs. RobboLito

I must say I still have no opinion on all this... It looks like very hard to say if RobboLito/Ippolit is a clone or not... Let's see how this will evolve.

Gino Figlio    (2010-01-07 05:51:27)
Fed Up

It does not really matter in my opinion.
Players will always use the best engine.
Players will always prefer the engine that shows consistent improvement version after version.
You just need to find out what engine fits this description on your own.

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-01-07 18:45:05)
Fed Up

Thib you missed my point. It is the forbidden, hush hush, "dont you dare mention that name here" that bugs me the most. I have always been a strong supporter of the Vas "lil girl", followed her tournaments etc etc.
Oh well it is not worth my concern anyhow. As I said I owe no loyality to Vas any more, If his continued Rybka programing yields the best engine, I will buy it. Results is what matters.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-01-08 01:45:23)

I understand, I assume & hope that Vasik Rajlich has good reasons to think that RobboLito is a clone, that would be a reason enough to forbid to mention it in the forums dedicated to Rybka IMO... But it is true that if noone can prove it is not a clone & if there is no real reason to think that it actually is a clone, it would be not very "fairplay".

That's why I said I have no opinion on this.

The most surprising thing in all that is that RobboLito is open source. That makes me think that it is not a clone, but who can say it...

Daniel Parmet    (2010-01-08 07:53:48)
Fed Up

I think it will all be cleared up in good time. Patience friends.

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-01-11 21:33:11)
Fed Up

Howdy Thibault. Clone or no Clone. Technically I am not qualified to check source etc. But I will say this. The evals are very very often identical after checking .
Also, in some brief eng-eng matches, I find that Rybka is stronger, at least for longer timers which would suggest favorable CC play. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-01-12 07:49:26)
Rybka vs. RobboLito

Hi Wayne, thanks for reporting this! I tested RobboLito as well and I was not totally convinced. In some positions its evals are quite bad IMO... I wouldn't trust it as a unique partner for correspondence chess analysis.

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-01-13 01:14:36)
Fed Up

Me neither Thibault, and I dont even use it :) Just trying to get a feel on my own, with all those guys on the R forum reporting all sorts of baloney. The engine I use often as backup is Zappa, I like that program, too bad the programmar has no time from his academic Phd work. Wayne





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