Fat Fritz vs Stockfish


Fat Fritz vs. Stockfish

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Thibault de Vassal    (2019-11-09)
Fat Fritz vs. Stockfish

Few months ago, Chessbase announced "Fat Fritz", then few days ago it was alive with a finished 100 games match against Stockfish 8 and another one with the engine playing Stockfish 10. It won both matches by a quite good score... but just like the event AlphaZero-Stockfish, conditions may be discussed.

Any thoughts on the event and Fat Fritz qualities & strength?


Garvin Gray    (2019-11-10 12:08:50)
Fat Fritz vs. Stockfish

Interesting this post has been made. I was about to ask what people think of Komodo 13 and how many cpu's do they think it requires to get the full value of Komodo 13.

When AlphaZero 'won' against Stockfish, I think I was one of the first posters that I saw who criticised the conditions and that Stockfish was almost handicapped out of the match.

This match between Fat Fritz and Stockfish seems to have had more even conditions, but I do wonder if the Stockfish 10 engine, was just the one straight off the download, or whether the Stockfish designers were consulted and allowed to tune their engine for the match, just like Fat Fritz would have been.

Those items I think are most important in making any conclusions about how much better Fat Fritz is in front of Stockfish.

And I am always left to wonder about two items when I hear about the results of these matches:

1) Stockfish feels like a very good engine to analyse your correspondence chess games with, but when it is put against some of the other top engines in head to head competitions, it competes well, but loses by a small amount.

So it feels to me like Stockfish has been designed for a purpose, to assist people with their correspondence chess analysis, rather than just being a brute force engine killer.

I would like to see Komodo and Houdini against Fat Fritz or any other contender, with equal conditions and both of those engines having being tuned for the match before hand.

Clodomiro Ortiz    (2019-11-15 11:38:01)
Fat Fritz vs. Stockfish

Key words are equal conditions,alphazero runs in gpu supercomputers so it is not matchable,,up to now i see only marketing strategies in favor of stockfish competitors...