Fat Fritz 2 vs Stockfish 13


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Thibault de Vassal    (2021-06-21)
Fat Fritz 2 vs. Stockfish 13

Chess engines still evolve, now we have Stock... err, Fat Fritz 2 (based on Stockfish 12) on Fritz 17 GUI, and the famous free chess engine Stockfish 13, both using neural networks on CPU and not GPU anymore (if I understood well).

Did anyone try both of them to compare it, or to compare to former versions like Stockfish 11 ? What learnings?

John Dyson    (2021-06-23 15:20:47)
Fat Fritz 2 vs. Stockfish 13

Stockfish 13 appears a little stronger than 11 or 12. Fat Fritz 2 I haven't tried because it costs money!