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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-29)
FIDE world championship (suspicions)

A "toiletgate" : Kramnik visiting the bathroom unreasonably often (according to Bulgarian delegation), video surveillance in rest rooms, Topalov threatening to stop the match, FIDE decisions (common toilets, players accompanied...), now Kramnik threatening to stop the match !

Tension is high, reminds us old memories :) ..

Can this world chess championship be finished yet ??

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 13:03:02)
Psycho(logical) games by Topalov's team?

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Common toilet for both players.

29.09.2006 The Appeals Committee of FIDE has taken a decision on protest by the Bulgarian delegation who, after viewing the video tapes, stated that Kramnik would visit the toilet too often. A common toilet will be opened for both players.

The Appeals Committee : FIDE Deputy President IM Georgios Makropoulos, Continental President for Americas FM Jorge Vega, FIDE Vice President Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

More -

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 13:09:10)
Psycho(logical) games?...........

Silvio Danailov., Manager of the Bulgarian team says:

To all mass media

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After we got acquainted with the ruling of the Appeals Committee of the Topalov vs. Kramnik world championship match we deem it necessary to point out the following:

The ruling in its present form is not satisfactory to us since it practically does not result in any change. Mr. Kramnik will be able to visit the new bathroom an unlimited number of times without being subject to further control.

We would accept the current relaxation rooms to continue to be used provided that the presence of controllers in both rooms is ensured.

When the two players need to go to the bathroom, they should be accompanied by an assistant arbiter.

The checks carried out in the relaxation rooms were made only by experts of the Organizing Committee, whereas our experts were present as observers and only after the second game.

We find it difficult to understand why is it that the accredited journalists are denied access to the video tapes from the relaxation rooms.

The World Champion Veselin Topalov is outraged by the suspicious behavior of his opponent Mr. Vladimir Kramnik who in actual fact takes his most significant decisions in the bathroom.

Despite the above, in the name of the chess game and out of respect to FIDE, to Kalmikia and the millions of chess lovers, Veselin Topalov is willing to continue his participation in the match provided that measures to guarantee fair play are taken.

If the match were to continue, the World Champion would refrain from shaking hands with Mr. Kramnik before the games and would not take part in joint press conferences with him. Veselin Topalov will make statements for the media separately.

We look forward to receiving your response by 14.30 h hoping that it will give concrete answers to the questions that we pose.

Elista Sincerely:
Silvio Danailov
Manager of the Bulgarian team

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 13:14:25)
Kramnik's team says...........

Kramnik threatens to stop playing the match......

29.09.2006 Statement from the team of Vladimir Kramnik, rejecting the decision of the Appeals Committee of FIDE : "The protests of the Topalov team and the suspicions in the press release of Mr. Topalov are utterly disgraceful and are touching Mr. Kramnik’s privacy."

Elista, 29 September 2006

Open Letter to FIDE President H.E. Kirsan Iljumshinov

Copied to Executive Committee of Kalmykia Mr. Valery Bovaev, Chief Arbiter Mr. Geurt Gijssen, Russian Chess Federation

Dear Mr. President,

The Appeals Committee of the World Championship Match between Veselin Topalov and Vladimir Kramnik made the following decision on the protest of the Topalov Team:

“to close both the toilets in the players rest rooms and to open another toilet that will be available only to the two players”

The Kramnik team received the mentioned decision a few hours before the start of game 5 and was officially informed about the protest of Mr. Topalov only yesterday evening, 10 p.m., 28 September 2006. With such a decision the WCC Committee is clearly violating both the rules and regulations of the WCC match and the rights of Mr. Kramnik.

The relevant clause in contract of Mr. Kramnik expels: “FIDE shall provide a rest room and toilette for the players during the WCC match in the playing hall and close to the stage (if possible backstage) to be equipped with a live monitor furnished with coffee and tea as well as with light refreshments.”

The reasons that Mr. Kramnik is entering his own bathroom often is simple: The restroom is small and Mr. Kramnik likes to walk and therefore uses the space of the bathroom as well. The Appeals Committee has been informed about the issue before they decided. It should also be mentioned that Mr. Kramnik has to drink a lot of water during the games.

On the request of Mr. Topalov the agreed live monitors have been removed as well as the shower cabines in the bath rooms. The moves are provided on demonstration boards only. The substance of Mr. Topalov protests (dated 22, 24 and 28 September 2006) were basically always met by the approval of the Appeals Committee. Everything has been done here to satisfy Mr. Topalov’s requests.

On a regulary basis the restrooms and toiletts are heavily checked by specialists, obviously local police forces. This goes together with the arrival of the players. The arbiters are observing all the measures. One representative of each team has the right of being present in order to observe the activities. The playing area is banned from signals and the glas wall protects from any kind of view contact and/or body language. There is not a single reason or evidence to believe that a player would have any kind of cheating possibilities.

It is and was no problem for the organization to assure all necessary measures in order to avoid any kind of cheating. By starting the match both participants agreed all the playing conditions de facto and de jure and the conditions are therefore legally binding. Any change of the playing conditions without a good reason would in our understanding request the approval of both players which is not the case here.

Mr. Kramnik believes that the latest decision should increasingly concern the world of chess as it shows very clearly and once again the biased stand of the Appeals Committee members involved. In person: Mr. Makropolous, Mr. Azmaiparashivili (well known as a close friend to Mr. Danailov), Mr. Gelfer (now replaced by Mr. Vega). Therefore Mr. Kramnik requests to exchange the mentioned persons immediately. Enough is enough.

We would like to add that the recent decision not only insults Mr. Kramnik but is clearly critizing both the excellent work of the local organisation at Elista and the nominated arbiters. Yesterday evening the chief arbiter and the head of the excutive committee once again confirmed that the indirect accusations of cheating are nonsense.

The protests of the Topalov team into the direction of Mr. Kramnik and the suspicions in the press release of Mr. Topalov are utterly disgraceful and are touching Mr. Kramnik’s privacy. We do not think that the Topalov team has any right of getting access to the recordings. This shall be job of the nominated arbiters only.

The Topalov team includes a parapsychologist and more people which are obviously having no other tasks as to distract and to insult Mr. Kramnik especially since their team is realizing that Mr. Topalov finds himself in a difficult situation. This is what we call an utterly unfair behaviour which is not in accordance with the FIDE Code of Ethics. The decision taken by the Appeals Committee can only be seen as another attempt to disturb Mr. Kramniks concentration since it is difficult to understand what kind of improvement it shall be to have one toilet instead of two.

Our team does not trust the objectivity of the Appeals Committee anymore. Therefore it makes no sense for us to bring a protest to this table and Mr. Kramnik strongly insists once again that the members of the Appeals Committee will be changed immediately and that the heads of the Organizing Committee are taking their responsibilities.

In the meanwhile Mr. Kramnik will stop playing this match as long as FIDE is not ready to respect Mr. Kramnik’s rights, in this case to use the toilet of his own restroom whenever he wishes to do so.

Further and more detailed legal investigations are already in process.

On behalf of Vladimir Kramnik
Yours sincerely,
Carsten Hensel
(Manager to Vladimir Kramnik, Classical World Chess Champion)

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 13:41:10)

BOTH Topalov's team & Kramnik's team had clearly agreed to a set of legally binding rules, regulations & facilities prior to the World Championship match up. But now suddenly Topalov's team fires accustation after accusation DURING the match. Personally I think if they can't prove a thing, they should not make accusations. The world likes to see exciting chess games, not verbal fights.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-29 13:45:49)

Dinesh, you sure about that ? ;)

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 13:59:13)

Thibault, Haha! You're correct! I almost forgot....The media certainly relishes verbal accusations, controversies etc!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-29 14:09:34)
Chess & psychology...

Game 5 :

The start of the game had been delayed, now Topalov is sitting at the board and Kramnik's clock is running while Vladimir Kramnik is waiting in the rest room for his toilet to open. A press conference by Georgios Makropoulos is about to start.

The game couldn't start unless the toilet is opened...


Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 14:16:19)

Very comical situation indeed!!!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-29 15:57:14)
Fischer vs. Spassky ?

Vladimir Kramnik did not play game 5 !

All this reminds me the first match Fischer vs. Spassky... In a documentary, Boris Spassky said he lost the match when he accepted Fischer's new conditions (ie. playing in another room) in order to continue to play...

Seems to be quite the same situation here...

Now who made the mistake : Kramnik, Topalov or FIDE... I hope game 5 will be replayed.

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 16:56:32)

If game number 5 is declared a loss for Kramnik due to forfeit, then Kramnik made a bad choice by not playing, as it's almost a free point for Topalov who was 2 points adrift. It would seem Topalov's team's psychological warfare/psychological trap has won over by closing the gap. If game number 5 is replayed, Kramnik has gained the upper hand in psychology, and Topalov's team's supposed psychology has backfired on them. I think FIDE is in a very awkward position. FIDE should clearly state who's accusations are true or false and make immediate, clear decisions regarding the whole situation. Otherwise, the World Championship will be seen as a real fiasco.

Nigel Davies    (2006-09-29 22:59:40)
Topalov's Outrageous Accusation

I'm of the opinion that Topalov's accusations are an outrageous bit of gamesmanship - there's no evidence whatsoever that Kramnik was 'cheating' in some way so this looks like an attempt to embarrass him. If Kramnik sticks to his guns this will backfire on Topalov. I don't believe Kramnik should continue whilst his opponent (backed, in its actions by the 'appeal committee) is essentially saying that he was cheating in some way. At one time this would have meant pistols at dawn. Nigel PS. There's more at my blog:

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-29 23:40:07)

Nigel, you seem to have a good point there. If the members of the appeals committee have clear connections to Topalov's team, then the situation is clearly tilted in Topalov's favour.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-30 03:31:40)
Topalov vs. FIDE vs. Kramnik

I agree with you, Nigel.

Obviously Topalov's team 'manipulates' FIDE against Kramnik. Worked quite well... But now the situation seems to be best for both Topalov and Kramnik... If the match does not continue Kramnik will stay clear classical World Chess Champion (3-1) with a new legitimacy, Topalov will stay clear FIDE World Chess Champion (playing the best chess) and FIDE will remain... the organizer of chess championships in Kalmykia... :/

Finally, only FIDE made a clear mistake during the event, but is it so important... Kramnik wins, Topalov wins, Ilyumzhinov always wins...

I hope the match will continue but I'm not very optimistic.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-30 03:39:05)
Vladimir Kramnik - Open letter

Open Letter To
FIDE President
Kirsan Iljumshinov
Russian Chess Federation

Elista, 29. September 2006

Requests of Vladimir Kramnik

• To proceed with GAME 5

Clause 3.17.1., Schedule 2 of the contract: “All protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee not more than 2 hours after the relevant playing session.”

The protest made by the Topalov Team were not made within this window after game 4 (27 September 2006) but only hit the FIDE Office and the Appeals Committee on the rest day (28 September 2006). Therefore the protests are not even relevant and should have been rejected by the Appeals Committee immediately.

Clause 3.18.3., Schedule 2 of the contract: “After the World Chess Championship Committee agrees with the Organizers on the arrangements in respect of the tournament hall, facilities etc. etc. etc……., no objections from the participants shall be acceptable as long as the conditions are in accordance with the rights of the players granted in their agreements.”

This clause clearly underlines the statement made in today’s Open letter: “By starting the match both participants agreed all the playing conditions de facto and de jure and the conditions are therefore legally binding. Any change of the playing conditions without a good reason would in our understanding request the approval of both players which is not the case here.”

Therefore it is clear that the Appeals Committee took a completely wrong decision and was obviously not even aware of the Rules and Regulations. The decision of Chief Arbiter Mr. Gijssen to forfeit game 5 was clearly based on a wrong decision of the Appeals Committee and shall be nullified.

Mr. Kramnik is ready to continue the match and to play the 5th game (with a leading score of 3:1) on the conditions that were accepted prior to the start of the match.

• Toilet issue The toilets connected to the restrooms shall be opened again. This request is in accordance with clauses 3.17.1. and 3.18.3 (see above) and in the general understanding that by starting of the match both participants agreed to all the playing conditions. Any change of the playing conditions without a good reason would require the approval of both players which is not the case here.

Mr. Kramnik is ready to accept even stricter controls by sealing the toilets before and after inspections. Inspections shall be done before and after each game.

• Exchange of members of the Appeals Committee
We repeat that the Kramnik team does not trust the objectivity of the Appeals Committee anymore. It is evident from this letter and our first Open Letter today that the existing Appeals Committee is biased and incompetent. Mr. Kramnik strongly insists once again that the members of the Appeals Committee will be exchanged immediately.

• Access to Recordings As Mr. Kramnik in the press conference stated he did not sign a contract for acting in a reality show. The recordings shall be observed by the arbiters. Neither Team Topalov nor Team Kramnik shall have access to the recordings. Investigations shall be in the sole responsibility of the Arbiters.

• Requested Apology Last but not least Mr. Kramnik believes that Mr. Danailov should apologize to Mr. Kramnik in writing. Remarks such as:

“If the match were to continue, the World Champion will refrain from shaking hands with Mr. Kramnik before the games and will not take part in joint press conferences with him.” and “Veselin Topalov is disturbed by the suspicious behavior of his opponent Mr. Vladimir Kramnik who takes his most significant decisions in the bathroom.” are clearly insulting.

On behalf of Vladimir Kramnik
Yours sincerely,
Carsten Hensel
(Manager to Vladimir Kramnik, Classical World Chess Champion)

Don Groves    (2006-09-30 04:39:26)
Prostate problems?

Speaking as one who has been there, a prime cause for frequent male urination is an enlarged, or perhaps even cancerous, prostate gland. Given that GM Kramnik has been described as ill, this seems a far more likely reason for restroom visits than cheating!

Rodrigo Jaroszewski    (2006-09-30 08:04:38)

I think Kram's manager is right on spot there: Contract states that you have to file your complain up to 2 hours after the game in which a possible incident has occurred. Danailov's letter was sent on a rest day, so it shouldn't even have been discussed at all!

Topalov should had filed that complain after game 4, pertaining to something that happened in game 4 (not 3), instead of going to watch his precious Levski get trounced by Drogba's hat-trick. Did his mamma ever teach him to do his homework before watching TV?

Nigel Davies    (2006-09-30 09:07:48)

This is (or should have been) the real point of these championships from FIDE's point of view. Rather than being seen as a banana republic with a paper champion their aim should have been to establish legitimacy for their cycle and organisation. FIDE established itself by taking over the World Chess Championships with the death of Alekhine. If it can no longer do that, a large part of its raison d'etre disappears, in my view. I'm not sure they realise it yet, but if Topalov 'wins' from his 1-3 position with some trumped up accusation of cheating, their legitimacy is not enhanced. Quite the opposite in fact. Kramnik goes home with a very strong claim to being the REAL World Champion (he beat Kasparov in a match) and having allowed FIDE to demonstrate its true colours. I think that the odds of him establishing his own cycle will have improved dramatically, he just needs a sponsor. Nigel

Rodrigo Jaroszewski    (2006-09-30 09:41:27)
Re: Legitimacy

Hey, you don't have the chance of asking a GM a question every day! :)

Nigel, since my limited database and research resources here didn't allow me to know if you played a game against Kramnik, much less if you ever had a nice chat with him, I'd like to know if you did and if you really believe that he'd be the kind of guy that would go out and organize a WC Cicle on his own, like Kasparov did (well, tried)?

I take this match as a display he is willing to expose himself in order to get things straight once and for all, but going to the business side of the game is for those that really want to risk a lot to get things done.

Nigel Davies    (2006-09-30 13:50:51)
Re: Legitimacy

Hi Rodrigo, I haven't played Kramnik but I met him once; my impression is that he's a proud and rather honourable person. I don't see him organising his own cycle, but there are plenty of people opposed to FIDE who could. This might be just the opportunity they need. Kramnik couldn't really have refused a 'reunification' match before this, it would have looked like he didn't want to play. But now he's got a strong case that FIDE cannot provide a suitable aegis. Nigel

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-01 07:34:31)

Hello! What's the latest news?!....... Is the Kramnik vs Topalov match going ahead?

Rodrigo Jaroszewski    (2006-10-01 11:19:06)
Not quite

They'll open the WCs, not the WC yet. They won't be switching WCs at each game either, one for each player and no switch (they will still be searched at least once before every game though, as they are now).

Also, the Appeals Committee resigned on their own. Kirsan must have chewed them yesterday. Since he's trying to make a good impression to the rest of the world to try to bring investments to Kalmykia (i.e. himself), I believe he's one of the few people that really got something to loose if they don't set this straight. $1.5mil for Topa vs. Radja is nothing if he can somehow put his country on the map as a Chess and Buddhist touristic hub (and his name in history as the "WC savior").

Rodrigo Jaroszewski    (2006-10-01 11:25:13)

I've been reading Mig's Daily Dirt so often that I'm beginning to get an unconscious feel of what he just posted before I read it! LOL

"As Kasparov just pointed out to me, Ilyumzhinov is about the only one in Elista without a vested interest in the match ending now."

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-02 13:30:08)
Re: Kram. vs Top. match......

Game 6 just started with the score standing at Kram. 3: Top. 2. ( Kram. playing "under protest" regarding the earlier game number 5 status ).

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-02 15:06:33)
Chess / FIDE

Why did Kramnik accept to continue this match... Becoming a chess (FIDE) hero ? Prize ?

Finally I would prefer the prize reason... :)

It seems he just resigned the psychological battle against Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, unless he's sure he can contest the final score once the match is over, but it would be harder for sure.

It will be just harder for him to play now... Anyway, the result in this match is not so important, the real issue is future of world chess championships, but in the 'other match' that just began, FIDE scored one more point.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-02 15:11:16)
Kramnik plays under protest

Official statement and protest by V. Kramnik

To FIDE President H.E. Kirsan Iljumshinov
To the WCC Appeals Committee

On 2 October 2006 my manager received the following decision from FIDE:

“Tomorrow, 2 October 2006, at 15.00, the 6th Game of the World Chess Championship Match a Topalov-Kramnik with the score 3:2 in favour of Kramnik, will take place.”

Based on this decision I make the following statement:

I inform that I am ready to proceed playing the match by reserving all my rights. My further participation will be subject to the condition to clarify my rights regarding game five at later stage.

I do not agree with the decision made by FIDE and I formally protest against it. The decisions made on my requests, especially the resignation of the Appeals Committee, opening the toilets to the restrooms again, are chrystal clear admissions of FIDE of having taken a false decision. Logically FIDE admits herewith that it was a mistake to start game five by violating the rules and regulations of the competition and by changing the agreed playing rules and conditions during the match without my approval.

I deeply regret the unsportsmanlike and unequaled behaviour of my opponent whom FIDE donated a victory outside of the board by using dirty tricks.

High level functionaries inside FIDE once again were making the professional part of the chess world a disgraceful playground of their own interests. I strongly believe and hope that the course of these events made it obvious to everyone that drastic changes with regard to the professional management structures inside FIDE are evident.

By deciding just a couple of hours ago I had to assess between my personal interests and the interests of the entire chess world. It is very difficult to play under these circumstances. But I came to the conclusion to proceed under protest because I do not want to disappoint the overwhelming majority of the chess fans which are hoping for the unification since so many years.

I also had in mind the people of Kalmykia which are doing their utmost to organize this match on the highest level possible.

Last but not least I would like to thank very much for all the support I experienced during these days.

Elista, 2 October 2006
Vladimir Kramnik Classical World Chess Champion

Rodrigo Jaroszewski    (2006-10-02 15:17:48)

"Question to Topalov: Veselin, with what feeling will you come to play tomorrow?

With great enthusiasm. I am tired of rest!"

On the other front: "unfortunately, Vladimir could not appear here – he is not feeling well"

Disgusting! It's a good thing they opened the toilets, because I need one to puke right now! So they give in on everything, except on the 3:2 score, just to get Kramnik less advantage and to wear him out. Argh!

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-02 16:33:57)

Thibault, I'm sure Kramnik is continuing the match NOT mainly for the prize money, because if information I've gathered is correct, the prize money is financed from Kramnik's side. By managing to draw the 6th game, Kramnik has shown that he certainly ain't pyschologically down because of his opponent's antics. If Kramnik goes on to win the championship, the majority of the world is bound to accept him as the one true champion.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-02 17:46:46)

"the one true champion" .. until next FIDE wch cycles, where Kramnik will most probably loose his title, simply because he'll have to play a 4 rounds / 16 players knockout tournament (if I understood well, not sure.. :/) that he could even refuse to play ! :)

Let's say he will be the last one true champion. Maybe that's a reason enough to continue the match after all :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-03 01:01:03)

Thibault, you have made a good observation there. But there's some news that Kirsan might hand over FIDE professional match organization part to Besel Kok, who ran against him at FIDE elections. Kok might decide to have a candidates style of qualifying, instead of knockout.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-03 14:48:03)

In other words, everything still can happen... Not very comforting.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-03 14:52:20)
Kasparov on the match

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-03 19:18:18)
Open letter

Another letter of support to Vladimir Kramnik, written by famous chess grandmasters... (source

Monday 2nd of October 2006

Dear Vladimir,

Through absolutely no fault of your own, you have suffered the consequences of an unprecedented combination of unethical behaviour from your opponent and glaring incompetence, for lack of a stronger word, on the part of the Appeals Committee.

In spite of evidently unfair treatment, which has not only resulted in your being forfeited one game, but also being subjected to petty attacks and ridiculous accusations from the opposing camp, you have agreed to continue the match for the sake of reunifying the chess world. This is a very impressive decision. It testifies to your remarkable sense of honour and is worthy of your true status of World Champion.

Regardless of the final result of this match you have earned the deepest respect of your fellow Grandmasters and colleagues as well as countless chess fans around the world. Thank you for being a model sportsman in a time and place where so many circumstances turned against you. You deserve to win.

With unfailing support,

GM Joel Lautier
IM Almira Skripchenko
GM Viktor Korchnoi
GM Laurent Fressinet
GM Nigel Short
GM Alexandra Kosteniuk
GM Pavel Tregubov
GM Pentala Harikrishna
GM Yannick Pelletier
WGM Sophie Milliet
GM Lev Alburt
WIM Anna Hahn
GM Rustam Dautov
GM Yasser Seirawan
GM Emanuel Berg
GM Helmut Pfleger
WIM Olena Boytsun
GM Vladimir Barksij
GM Bartlomiej Macieja
IM Maxim Notkin
GM Alexander Baburin
GM Tony Kosten
GM Alexander Khalifman

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-04 12:35:23)
Yasser Seirawan

... on the crisis. (interesting)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-04 16:21:00)
Danailov accuses Kramnik of using Fritz9

The manager of Topalov (Silvio Danailov) now accuses Kramnik of cheating, using Fritz 9.

Here are his statistics :

Game 1 :

From 75 moves: After move 12, from 65 remaining moves 41 moves match with the first line of Fritz 9. (63% of matches)

Game 2 :

From 63 moves: After move 17, from 46 remaining moves 40 moves match with the first line of Fritz 9. (87% of matches)

Game 3 :

From 38 moves: After move 10, from 46 remaining moves 40 moves match with the first line of Fritz 9. (87% of matches)

Game 4 :

From 54 moves: After move 14, from 40 remaining moves 30 moves match with the first line of Fritz 9. (75% of matches)

Game 6 :

From 31 moves: After move 13, from 18 remaining moves 14 moves match with the first line of Fritz 9. (78% of matches)

Out of 5 games, 78% of Vladimir Kramnik’s moves would match with the first line of Fritz 9.

Seems to be a lot but is it enough ? (no IMO, and it simply doesn't mean anything at all...)

Furthermore, it seems to be very hard to prove, as the "first line" of Fritz 9 depends on many parameters... It's probably easy to obtain this result on demand, or to say at a 2800 level, if it doesn't match with Fritz moves, that it matches with Shredder, Junior or Hydra or... :(

The only conclusion is Kramnik's style is closer to Fritz than other engines..
(what a scoop...)

Topalov's team has probably no other choice now than to attack & attack until death... This is clearly psychological attack, this match could end really dirty :/

I think these statistics are really too conclusive so that it's realistic ! .. Kramnik is not stupid : There's no need to play Fritz first line to win against Topalov (and finally be accused of using Fritz 9), and it's certainly not the best way to win either...

Elmer Valderrama    (2006-10-04 21:44:39)
Danailov accuses Kramnik of using Fritz9

In my view, the best proof of computer use is the number of missed oportunities rather than the number of coincidences, which can be manipulated as pointed by Thibault. Thus, an average player misses 80 to 90% (99% in the worst cases ) a Master - 30-40%, a GM 10 to 20%. With the extreme -no missed oportunities we have those reported cases of cheating in Tournaments by average players So the suspictions would be worth something if they are accompanied by the report of (not)missed oportunities, otherwise the moves are in the usual coincidence range.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-10 16:16:37)
To be continued...

Open Letter

FIDE President
H.E. Kirsan Illyumzhinov

Head of the 2006 Executive Committee
Mr. Valery Bovaev

Dear Mr President, Gentlemen,

Having received innumerable published and unpublished inquiries I would like to clarify, in the name of Vladimir Kramnik and his team, our position in the decision taken by FIDE regarding the fifth game of the current World Championship match.

As you know Vladimir Kramnik is playing the current match under protest. Nothing has changed in our attitude, which is documented by Kramnik’s actions around the fifth game and our statements, protests and letters:


Consistent with this standpoint Vladimir Kramnik will be playing this match, including a possible tiebreak, up to the last move under protest.

Should the decision of FIDE regarding the fifth game have any influence on the awarding of the World Championship title, with Mr Topalov receiving the title after being granted a free point for the unplayed game, Mr Kramnik declares unequivocally: “I will not recognize Mr Topalov as World Champion under these conditions, and I will take legal action against FIDE at the end of the World Championship.”

The damage done to Mr Kramnik in public opinion (e.g. the slander campaign) after the illegal release of private video images by the then FIDE Appeals Committee or the WCC 2006 Executive Committee to the Topalov team, and the subsequent release of these video images and private information of Mr Kramnik in his restroom to the mass media, as well as the interruption of the match, which broke Mr Kramnik’s concentration and playing rhythm, will all be part of the legal action which will be initiated.

As a sign of good will Mr Kramnik once again requests FIDE to arrange for game five to be played out on the board immediately after game 12. This in our opinion is the only way to alleviate the personal, sporting, judicial and ethical injuries that have been incurred by Mr Kramnik.

Elista, October 10, 2006
On behalf of Vladimir Kramnik
Yours sincerely
Carsten Hensel
(Manager to Vladimir Kramnik, Classical World Chess Champion)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-11 02:35:32)
Karpov vs. Korchnoi 1978

A must read, for those who don't know the full story yet... Battle over flags, yogurt, audience (Zukhar & parapsychology) and so on :)$$01.htm

The two giants now agree that Kramnik shouldn't have continued the match...

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-02 13:38:33)

A disciple of Schopenhauer ? Anyway, he will be right, always... Great job.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-16 13:03:47)
All the truth...

All the truth about toilet gate !