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Juri Eintalu    (2022-03-21)

FIDE bans Karjakin for 6 months because of his announcements concerning the Ukraine war.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-03-22 21:32:39)

This is tough matter anyway... I just wonder what would have happened if Ilyumzhinov was still FIDE president at that time :/ (fortunately he isn't anymore)

Juri Eintalu    (2022-03-22 22:10:27)

When FIDE decided to complain about Karjakin to the ethics committee, FIDE said that Karjakin was "supporting the unjustified war".

In the decision of the ethics committee, no references are given to Karjakin's relevant announcements.

As a philosopher, I am unable to understand how the chess organization can decide whether some war is a justified war. Moreover, "supporting the unjustified war" may mean that Karjakin tried to show that this war is justified indeed.

While I feel that this war is unjustified, I also feel that FIDE has chosen a side in the complex conflict and is far from being neutral.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-03-22 22:49:38)

As a philosopher, I'm not sure if "how the chess organization can decide whether some was is a justified war" is relevant when everyone can decide whether some war is NOT a justified war.

As for me I support FIDE decision particularly if such a case is written in FIDE rules... I do not feel that this case is so complex (in example compared to war in Iraq or Syria).

Juri Eintalu    (2022-03-23 04:30:48)

I am sure that not everyone can competently decide whether Ukrainian war is a justified war or not. My personal feeling is that this war is unjustified, however, I do not know all the facts and I have not read the Genova Convention and other such documents either. The case of the Iraq war is much easier to decide because know we do know there were no chemical weapons in Iraq. Also, Iraq posed no threat to the US whatsoever as the US is on the other side of the planet and Iraq did not have intercontinental missiles.
As for myself, I will never participate in any tournaments or events of FIDE after FIDE has chosen a side in the West/Russia controversy and has allowed to weaponized itself.

Juri Eintalu    (2022-03-23 10:38:48)

Very interesting. Karjakin has a Telegram channel "Шахматный Патриотизм" [= "Chess Patriotism"] The name of that channel is evidence that not only FIDE but also Karjakin is politicizing chess.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-03-23 16:11:20)

If FIDE punished Karjakin for politicizing chess according to its own rules, then this punishment may not be (is probably not) of politicizing matter... but I couldn't say this with certainty better than many other people around here.

Juri Eintalu    (2022-03-23 17:34:51)

The Telegram channel "Chess Patriot" was established on 13 March 2022. FIDE made its complaint about Karjakin to the ethics committee earlier. Probably it was based on Karjakin's two tweets on Twitter, plus Karjakin's public letter to Putin. The complaint was made only 3 days after the Ukraine war started.
After FIDE banned Karjakin for 6 months, he has started to make a war propaganda on his Telegram channel. He asks "reasonable Ukrainians" not to fight and not to defend the Kyiv regime.
Karjakin's Twitter history is fun. After 24. February, several outstanding chess players should be banned as well by FIDE due to the nature of their replies to Karjakin's tweets.
I am sure that FIDE's ethics code did not contain any demand not to support any wars. There is even not any demand not to talk about the ongoing war during the chess competition, etc.
Moreover, this ethics code was applied right before it will be outdated. Since 1 April 2022, that code used to ban Karjakin is not valid anymore.
I am sure that this code was arbitrarily interpreted to ban Karjakin.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2022-03-25 06:21:35)


Thibault de Vassal    (2022-05-08 02:18:53)

"A few minutes ago it was announced that the Court of Appeals of the Ethical and Disciplinary Commission (EDC) of the FIDE has rejected the appeal filed by Grand Master Sergey Karjakin against the 6 month disqualification he had been given for having embarrassed the TRUST because of his own Declarations in favor of Russian invasion into Ukraine.
“According to the FIDE Card and the Code of Ethics and Disciplinary FIDE, such a decision can be contested before the Arbitral Court of Sport (CAS) within 21 days”, the sentence reads.
The disqualification, as it is known, will prevent Karjakin from participating in the Madrid nominees Tournament, where he will most likely be replaced by Ding Liren. The Russian player, born in Crimea, said he is considering the possibility of a new International Federation in competition with FIDE."

Juri Eintalu    (2022-05-09 19:58:15)

Karjakin's Appeal was Dismissed by FIDE

Thus, Karjakin still cannot play in the candidates tournament because he publicly approved the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Karjakin, in turn, writes (on his Telegram channel) as a response that he is proud that his grandfather was a great soldier, also, that there are Nazis in Ukraine.

He criticises Kasparov.

Kasparov demands that Russian chess players who want to play in international tournaments should publicly disapprove Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Juri Eintalu    (2022-05-09 20:00:46)

I am worried about Kasparov's demand that only those Russian players should be allowed to participate in international tournaments who publicly disapprove Russian invasion of Ukraine. This demand seems to be extremist, like Lenin's and Stalin's slogans.

First, not every Russian sportsman can have the luxury of being a dissident.

Second, Kasparov is notoriously inconsistent (outside of the chessboard). From his logic, it follows that FIDE should have banned all the US chess players who did not publicly disapprove of invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-05-10 01:15:10)

In my opinion, each "war" (war against what?) is different from each other, I have no idea on that point.

Juri Eintalu    (2022-05-10 10:32:44)

The wars can be unique, but they are classified as "just/unjust" wars or "justified/unjustified" wars.

Encyclopedia Britannica

The West is of the opinion that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is an unjustified war.

Karjakin is of the opinion that it is justified war.

My arguments above assumed that if the Ukrainian war is unjustified, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were even much more unjustified.

Juri Eintalu    (2022-07-17 06:30:46)

Interesting. Russian defence minister Shoigu ordered the Russian army to do everything possible to prevent Ukraine from shelling Donetsk and Luhansk republics.

The next day, Sergey Karyakin appeared in Donetsk's chess club. Karyakin gave a simultaneous chess exhibition in the Donetsk chess club.

Karyakin announces that under the shelling, he understood the following. It is unimportant to have expensive cars, but it is of the utmost importance to stay alive and to have good friends.

On the same day, in the evening, Russia started the heaviest attack on Marinka - the town west of Donetsk, from where Ukraine was shelling Donetsk.

Karyakin invites all chess players to visit Donetsk's wonderful chess club.

No comments.

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2023-08-09 14:02:07)

A self-ban of karjakin continues

Juri Eintalu    (2023-08-09 22:29:42)

I have not made any political posts on the Forum.
Quite to the contrary: I have criticized politicizing sports.

I am shocked by the answers I received from Garvin Gray and Thibault de Vassal. I do not think their comments exemplify a civilized discussion. The problem is that they are not arbitrary chess players but chess organizers. I conclude that rational discussion with those who support politicizing chess is impossible.

I had already forgotten the FICGS server, but now I have received a notification that someone has commented on my old post.

Bogoljub Teverovski announces on 09 August 2023:

"A self-ban of karjakin continues"

No hints have been made about what event he is talking about—no references, links, or explanations.

I can only understand that Bogoljub regards the FIDE ban on Karjakin as a Karjakin's SELF-ban.

Let me add that 1 e2-e4 is the initial move of the Queen's gambit, and 1 Ng1-f3 is the most popular opening in checkers.

I am logging out from the FICGS not to receive any notifications anymore.

Thibault de Vassal    (2023-08-10 00:10:24)

Unfortunately, and I find it quite sad myself, everything is politics (at some point at least).

In my opinion, deciding to attack a country, collaterally killing thousands of russian & ukrainian people (to "save" how many? [if it was really the purpose]), while hoping there will not be any other collateral consequences by arguing that sport, trading, culture & so on should not be politicized is surely not realistic. Of course this war was about culture, trading & even sport long time before to bring russian tanks in Ukraine.

The fact that Karjakin is supporting this russian invasion (consequently banning himself) seems very secondary here...

Farewell (or not).