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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-16)

Hello to all.

I'm glad to announce a new match between chess servers, that should start in about 10 days to 2 weeks. The previous match was FICGS vs. GAMEKNOT (we lost :))

The opponent is the russian server - , an opportunity to meet new chessfriends from eastern countries :)

Here is the agreement :

1. Teams should consist of 25 players maximum (an exact number should be agreed later);
2. Number of games on each board equals 2 (one for White and one for Black);
3. Time control is 30 days + 3 days/move;
4. Leaves are provided, 30 days/year;
5. The match is played on;
6. Start date of the match should be agreed by both sides after squads are completed;
7. ICCF rules of play are applied.

In this match chess engines are allowed, it goes without saying we need a strong correspondence chess team, but anyone who wish to play may email me (or use the 'message to webmaster' form in "My account"), or just respond to this post.

Best wishes.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-16 23:26:38)
I'm in

... of course ;)

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-06-16 23:34:52)
I wish to play in it...

... but IMO I am too weak.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-16 23:39:12)

I don't think so, Ilmars... great, we need 23 other players yet !

Nick Burrows    (2007-06-16 23:46:46)

i am happy to crush a russian if i'm needed..

Graham Cridland    (2007-06-16 23:51:04)
I would play

My rating probably understates my strength but I suspect you can still do better for a 25 player team. Still, I would enjoy being involved.

Edward Kotlyansky    (2007-06-17 04:24:24)
Edward Kotlyanskiy

I would like to play for ficgs in this team.

Mircea Hrubaru    (2007-06-17 06:59:20)
I'm in too

Hi there, that would be fun for sure. Please count me in the FICGS team (of course).

Edmilson B. Lima    (2007-06-17 07:16:44)

I would like to play for ficgs in this team.

Mark Noble    (2007-06-17 09:44:55)
I will play

Cheers Mark

Alexander Nent    (2007-06-17 11:00:10)
Thibault de Vassal

I would be very happy if I could play. My rating is lagging behind (ask Nick Burrows :-) ), because I'm new at FICGS.

Poulerik Jorgensen    (2007-06-17 11:06:34)

I want to join too. :-)

Christophe Czekaj    (2007-06-17 11:09:49)
Ficgs team

I'm in if I'm not too weak...

Christophe Czekaj    (2007-06-17 11:11:19)
Let's crush the russians...

... please Bobby, help us ! ;-D

William Taylor    (2007-06-17 12:30:50)
Me too

I would like to play.

Charlie Neil    (2007-06-17 13:03:53)
Me as well

I did win both my games against Gameknot! So I'd gladly volunteer my services again. (Thibault, is it a "computer assistance allowed" match? Because all my moves are Carbon-based.)

William Taylor    (2007-06-17 13:39:13)
Yes Charlie

Computers are allowed.

Than Serd    (2007-06-17 17:49:39)

...i want to play

Vadim Khachaturov    (2007-06-17 23:20:14)

I would like to join the holy battle against russians

Silviu Nenciulescu    (2007-06-18 05:08:15)

I will play. Silviu Nenciulescu

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-06-18 05:11:24)

okey dokie, I am in :)

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-18 06:05:44)
I am in

I am in

Michael Aigner    (2007-06-18 07:42:52)

I am in!

Janos Helmer    (2007-06-18 10:01:55)

Hi Thibault,if needed, You count me in ! Best regards, Helmer J.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-18 15:19:55)

Thanks for joining us Janos, we'll need you undoubtly :)

It will be a great match, just looking like Russian vs. The World... About 30 russian players registered these last 2 days, with several FIDE / ICCF masters (GM/IM). We need more 2300+ players !! :)

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-18 17:02:08)

Hello Thibauld, You can surely count on me, in case you might need a guy rated -2300 in your team. Anyways, good luck to you in the upcoming match. I know a lot of the igame team players; it's true that they are pretty strong, but they are as much arrogant and highbrow about their chess skills. It might stand them in bad stead in the long run. Lol!

Dan Rotaru    (2007-06-18 18:22:29)
Any spot left?

Hi Thibault, Any spot left, I would like to play. Thanks!

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-18 20:51:32)

If you want me, I'm in!

Miguel Pires    (2007-06-18 23:14:38)

If you need count me in

Ivan Poddubnyi    (2007-06-19 00:17:45)
Hello from igame

Glad to create an account on this cite. On igame I am Mobutu Sese Seco, but here I play under Russian name. On behalf of Russian amateurs I wish you good luck in this match. :-)

Andrey Sumets    (2007-06-19 08:24:55)
Ivan Poddubnyi

Вождь, привет:)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-19 08:46:02)

Sorry Andrey, this part of the site is not in UTF-8 format... It is possible to write in russian in the chat bar !

Dmitry Mendeleev    (2007-06-19 12:00:37)

Hi, guys! Nice to meet you here. Hope to play some exciting games

Viktor Savinov    (2007-06-19 15:01:22)

Thibault, If you plan to win this match that it is necessary to expose structure: 1 board-2580.... 25 board-2350

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-19 18:53:49)

The tables will be ordered by ratings, we'll show the complete list in a few days.

Leszek Tymcio    (2007-06-19 19:32:24)

I would like to play.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-19 19:36:08)

Hello Leszek. You mean for FICGS team ? (you're welcome)

Leszek Tymcio    (2007-06-19 20:14:05)

FICGS team

Albert Popov    (2007-06-20 07:20:00)
Hello Thibault and all!

Hello to anyone in the community! I feel like playing for the FICGS team in the match versus the Russians, if you, folks, really need my participation. Cheers, Albert

Konstantin Dudulec    (2007-06-20 12:32:31)

Hi Thibault! I would like to join the FICGS team provided there is a spot left and that I´m not to weak for such a competition.

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-20 13:55:59)

Can the list of proposed players who have said so here please be brought forward so we can all see where we stand? :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-20 15:46:39)
Players for FICGS team (by rating)

Here is the complete list of players who registered for the FICGS vs IGAME.RU match. Unfortunately, a few players couldn't play :( .. I think our team is strong enough, as rating rules are quite hard at FICGS and some ratings are still provisional.

I don't know how players will be distributed on "tables", if it's freestyle I think Wolfgang should play at table 1.

I am also surprised to see players coming from IGAME.RU or russian forums who entered FICGS team !? .. Anyway, I'm sure there are no spies :)

Thibault de Vassal (2512)
Mark Noble (2496)
Wolfgang Utesch (2466)
Albert Popov (2463)
Michael Aigner (2354)
Janos Helmer (2343)
Miguel Pires (2270)
Leszek Tymcio (2270)
Alexander Shalamanov (2252)
Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff (2246)
Silviu Nenciulescu (2194)
William Taylor (2182)
Poulerik Jorgensen (2168)
Wayne Lowrance (2124)
Edward Kotlyansky (2114)
Christophe Czekaj (2098)
Konstantin Dudulec (2084)
Polina Romanova (2000)
Dan Rotaru (1937)
Nick Burrows (1884)
Garvin Gray (1863)
Vadim Khachaturov (1803)
Janusz Kepinski (1599)
Alexander Nent (1593)
Graham Cridland (1406)
Edmilson B. Lima (1400)
Sasha Lipsits (1400)
Ilmars Cirulis (1305 ~ >2100)
Than Serd (1300)
Charlie Neil (1212)
Phil Cook (1132)

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-20 16:34:00)
Hello Thibault and all!

First of all, thanx for letting me defend the colours of FICGS Team. Oh, no, no spies on the parts the Russian players in our team. We will play fair and at our strongest. And I want to warn you that the IGAME team is really pretty strong and made of tough titled Russian players: GM, IM or GM, although they didn't feel like exposing their correct data or rating. You know, they feel they can win that match, on the one hand, and want to obtain some advantage in case we underestimate their chess strength, on the other hand. After all, honesty is not their best feature, alas. So be on guard, folks! The foe is at our gateway! Lol! Anyways, I want this match to be a fair play one and run with the ICCF motto: Amici sumus! (We are friends!). Good luck to anyone and interesting and exciting games to you! Remember, this match is a good point to win new friends over the globe behind the game of correspondence chess! Play at your strongest but bear in mind your match opponents are likely your partners in chess masterpieces than bitterest enemies. Be happy and have a fine day!

Nick Burrows    (2007-06-20 16:58:24)
'the foe is at our gateway' !

Thankyou Alexander! I share your sentiments with regards to the match. Lets set the boards on fire and create some great games. I await Thibaults rousing team speech before battle commences, be always ready for his call of 'Fall back to the keep!' I eagerly anticipate this event. nick.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-20 17:02:02)
Amici Sumus

Hello Alexander :)

It goes without saying ! .. And I meant our team should be strong enough for a tough battle. We'll see. First of all that's a nice opportunity to meet friends from another part of the globe :)

Best of luck to all.

Josef Riha    (2007-06-20 20:28:02)

I like to play too.

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-21 01:22:46)

I don't know how players will be distributed on "tables", if it's freestyle I think Wolfgang should play at table 1.
I would imagine it will be freestyle format. How can it be any different?

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-21 01:24:53)

I meant to add to previous post (damn- no edit feature, so now have to make new post).

We should play in rating order, no juggling around. That way it doesn't look like we have tried to be 'smart' and grab a few 'cheap' victories.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-21 01:29:52)
Tables ordered by rating... or not

Well, it wasn't obvious indeed ;)

I agree, not very important, but your opinion is welcome.

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-21 08:13:31)
Nick, your stand is shared!

Jo, Nicky! Thanx for your comment. It's always nice to be appreciated.:) Yeah, I believe tha match gonna be very interesting and breath-taking, but the fair play concern should be the priority. No insult, no arrogance, but high esteem for a chess friend all the way along! Cheers, Alex

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-21 08:31:01)
Salut, Thibault!

Je crois que les memebres de notre equippes doit ordonnees par les ratings. De cette facons nous pourrons tenir le principe de bonne guerre. Salutations amicales, Sacha

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-21 08:46:21)
The rating principle is a must

Hi, mates! I sincerely believe the rating principle should be a concern when arranging the team members in a match challenge. That way we would provide for the fair play principle. It doesn't make any sense to try gaining cheap wins. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Cheers, Alex

Andrey Sumets    (2007-06-21 09:34:40)

Don't worry, be happy:) I think it makes no difference what handle or what rating had been indicated by any of our players. If you gonna play chess - do it! Honest or not quite honest - anyway you play against pieces! Best wishes in forthcoming battle! (sorry for my imperfective English)

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-21 11:00:16)
I've got your point, Andy :)

Why no, noone's trying to push you or anyone else in your team how to line-up. I was just saying we in our team should keep to the rating line-up principle one way or the other. And, yes, it was how I do feel about it. Anyways, it's up to Thibault to decide on the matter. Cheers, Alex

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-21 11:43:55)

In one week we'll have a new (the actual) rating list and there you will see the order as Thibault has proposed.

Peter Schuster    (2007-06-21 12:34:25)

If there's still a place in the team, I would like to play.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-21 12:48:19)

Nice, Peter would be making our team much more stronger!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-21 15:21:45)

Yes, actually I just wanted to order the first players by their future rating. Wolfgang has made a great performance these last 2 months (future rating 2544) :

Salut Sacha-Alexander :) .. C'est agréable de lire du français venu d'aussi loin ! J'avais quelques notions de russe il y a longtemps mais j'ai oublié depuis :/ .. A bientôt !

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-21 17:50:22)
Ca va!

Thibault, as tu fait tes etudes en Russie? Comment ca? Dis moi quand et porquoi etait ce? As tu habite a Moscou ou St.Petersbourg? Et bon! Dis quelque chose en Russe, s'il te plait. Je sius met la puce a l'oreille. Ciao!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-21 18:20:23)

We can't write in russian in the forum, Alexander... So let's talk in the russian chat !

Denis Stork    (2007-06-21 22:11:39)
from Russia with love

Greetings to all! So here we are, fresh new Russian players, to participate in FICGS vs. IGAME match. I'd like to give a short explanation of our "disguising identities". The thing is that mostly our names really won't say anything to you. iGame is just an amateurs' site and with the upcoming match we have a good chance to find out which material we really made of. :) So show us maser-class. And let the strongest win! :) Good night and good luck ! :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-21 22:49:13)
Real names

Hello Denis.

Well, almost everyone here uses his real name, "amateur" or master. The aim is only to build a friendly atmosphere ! .. and it works quite well IMO :) .. That's why real names are really appreciated. Your choice my friends ;)

Nick Burrows    (2007-06-22 00:13:53)
name change

Could i play under the name of Donald Duck in the forthcoming match to neutralise my opponents stratgey? ;-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-22 01:31:43)

It won't help much IMO ;)

Denis Stork    (2007-06-22 10:07:59)
Donald Duck :)

I get your point. But I'm Stork on iGame as well as some other sites. So if someone interested in my past games he/she can easily look through them. I don't think Donald Duck has any finished games statistics. :) BTW, as I see, FICGS team has adopted some iGame players, so it's gonna be "FICGS+iGame vs. iGame" match. It's just a joke. lol :)

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-22 10:16:40)
Nick, be alert! :)

The Russians tend to be very resolute and on the look-out. No DD tricks would work well. Just play for high stakes, k? I do believe in ya! Cheers, Alex

Evgeny Kopasov    (2007-06-22 15:42:28)

I like to play too.

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-22 16:00:54)
not happy

Got to admit, I am not pleased at the prospect of missing out on a game representing ficgs because some players have suddenly signed up from igame and are going to attempt to represent ficgs.

I think the ficgs regulars should be first picked and if there are any spots left over, they are filled with the other siters

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-22 16:46:10)
Garvin, I side with you

Thibault, I think there is some logics in his comment. That's true that good traditions should be kept; hence, regular members should be given the priority to play vs. the Russians. Of course, you will make the final decision and'll have to balance between the strongest team players' list and respect for traditions, but I'm with Garvin about the issue. Hell, what a puzzle you're now having to guess.:)

Robert Mueller    (2007-06-22 17:10:19)

I would like to play for the FICGS team if possible.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-22 17:36:50)
Russian players or not in FICGS team ?

Well, that's very hard to decide. Actually at a first sight I agree with Garvin too, the real fun and the sense of such a match is players from western countries meeting russian players IMO, but no "rule" forbid it.

Whatever the decision, there will be deceived players :/ .. My suggestion is that all russian players who just registered at FICGS should play with IGAME.RU team but it's up to Sergey (for team). I'd like more opinions about this issue, also from Sergey Pligin, who organizes the match for

Denis Stork    (2007-06-22 19:34:13)
Russians in FICGS team

As far as I know, the complectation of iGame team has been completed. Everyone who wished joined it. The rest applying for FICGS team are volunteers and they didn't intent to play for iGame initially. Well, I may be wrong, let Sergey (our captain) speaks.

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-22 20:00:58)
L'histoire de la verite, Thibauld :)

En bonne justice, les invitations pour entrer dans l'equippe ont envoiee aux participants d'IGAME choisie. Alors beacoup de gens qu'ont vraiment voulee jouer le match n'ont pu le faire.

Denis Stork    (2007-06-22 20:13:41)

Alexander, it's really a good idea to choose one communication language in this thread, isn't it?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-22 20:58:23)
About real names...

Ok, a few words about real names :

While registering, using your real name is really appreciated and helps to build this friendly atmosphere, not using your real name is tolerated if you don't abuse of it...

... but it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use dictators or any other famous people names !

If you feel concerned or notice such a name I wouldn't have noticed in the rating lists, please warn me through the message form in "My account" or by email.

Thanks in advance.

Ivan Poddubnyi    (2007-06-23 00:55:24)
2 Thibault de Vassal:

Unfortunately, IGAME players are not understood here in correct way. Let me clear our position about names.

Of course I respect your idea of creating a friendly atmosphere on your cite by giving real names. If I will decide to stay here, I will play under my real name. But now I am your guest and would like to play under a nick-name. I hope, you can respect our IGAME customs. If you do not like my IGAME nickname Mobutu, let me play as Ivan.

By the way, a lot of information about IGAME players is available on our cite games, results, IGAME ratings and so on. Come and see, we do not hide. :-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 01:20:45)
2 Ivan Poddubnyi

Hello Ivan :)

You are understood in a correct way ! .. Only rules aren't. As I said to Sergey while discussing the match, there's no problem with nicknames, as long as it is "a" real name, not a famous name !

Of course you can understand that I can't register ie. Iosif Stalin or Andrei Chikatilo ;) .. But any "common" russian name is ok.

In example, your first name is ok, your last name is ok, but both could have been avoided :)

Best wishes, Thibault

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 07:48:30)

Nicknames are o.k., but the real name behind should be known for the opponent! Otherwise there would be an advantage on nicknames because their former games couldn't investigated. And this would be the normal process in correspondence chess (and OTB) before match.

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-23 09:31:22)
time for a different thread


Hasnt this discussion now about real names v nicknames moved away from the original point of this thread?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 09:53:47)
time for a different thread

maybe - but it is also interesting for the match FICGS vs. IGAME.RU, which is this threat's matter.

Nick Burrows    (2007-06-23 14:47:15)
player research

I tried to check player histories on igame as suggested, however the site seems to be entirely in Russian, and so i failed.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-06-23 14:49:01)
player research

I can do it.

Ivan Poddubnyi    (2007-06-23 15:02:23)
2 Thibault de Vassal:

Can I play as Ivan Poddubnyi or shall I change my nickname? If I can't play as Ivan Poddubnyi, please rename me. I agree to play as Ivan Ivanov, for example.

Viktor Savinov    (2007-06-23 15:09:26)
Who organizes this match?

Who organizes this match from Russian party? Sergey Pligin? There Is no such chessplayer. This nickname. If at "Sergey Pligin" of the right to represent site Igame?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 17:54:20)

I hope our russian friends will remember their real names by themselves until our match will begin.

Sergey Pligin    (2007-06-23 19:18:53)

Dear chessfriends! My name is Sergey Pligin and I am the co-organizer of this match, representing Originally this match was planned as a friendly rivalry of 2 servers which are igame and FIGCS. The 1st one is Russian, the 2nd one is western. The main idea was to make new foreign friends. This match caused a big avalanche of interest at our server. Unfortunately, not each player can play this match for the teams consist of 25 players only. Some players of igame who are not in have decided to play for your team. I don’t know their motives, but it is their right to play for any team they are willing to play for. Their honest play is the main item to be discussed. On the other hand, several permanent players of the FIGCS have lost an opportunity to participate in this match, as, for instance, was pointed out by Mr. Garvin Gray. I sincerely wish to organize this friendly match with no misunderstanding and beg you to pay attention to Russian players whom you’d like to be in your team.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 19:27:53)

Hello Sergey and thanks for this presentation :)

The startdate of the match has been decided : 2007 june 27, Wednesday.

It has been also decided, for more fun and to favourize meetings between players from different parts of the world, that russian players just coming from and russian forums these last days couldn't play for FICGS team. I would like to thank them anyway, I'm sorry about that but that's the way this friendly match was thought first.

All the best to IGAME.RU team and good luck :)

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 19:31:56)

If you want to have a fair and friendly match so discover the nicknames of your team and show their real names! I'm not interested to play against Donald Duck or other figures of virtual life!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 19:39:41)

Actually, I think that only a few players from russian forums registered with a nickname... They still can change their mind, it will be very appreciated, but anyway.. their choice.

If it is a problem for some players, I can organize tables so that they play surely against a player who uses his real name.

Sergey Pligin    (2007-06-23 20:18:55)
Who is Viktor Savinov?

Mister Savinov Viktor has doubted my surname is real. It is not true, I can easily prove it. I am playing Mr. Schuster Peter in one ICCF event. The latest moves, which are now invisible for public, are 46.Rb6 Kf8. Peter will understand me. If there is any need I can show the full score of this game.

[moderator : end of the message deleted, feel free to read rules and particularly membership & netiquette sections]

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 20:42:14)
Who is Sergey Pligin?

Nice story! "If there is any need I can show the full score of this game." The only need is to tell your real name! What for a behaviour from sportsmen????

Nick Burrows    (2007-06-23 20:50:58)
chess match theatre

This is becoming more like theatre than a chess match. All we need now are some hypnotists & parapsychologists ;-)

Adkham Yunusov    (2007-06-23 21:10:49)
Wolfgang Utesch

You always are suspicious to another?

Daniel Khayman    (2007-06-23 21:11:37)

hi thibault, i'd like to join in the team and hope not to end up playing myself at gsmrknot..:-)

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 21:15:20)

If my opponent can't tell his real name, I will always be suspicious!

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 21:20:13)
chess match theatre

Nick, you are right!

Adkham Yunusov    (2007-06-23 21:26:02)

Don't you suppose that any person has the right to the small lacks?

Viktor Savinov    (2007-06-24 01:03:18)

[moderator : message deleted, feel free to read rules and particularly membership & netiquette sections]

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-24 01:35:19)
Reminder : Rules !

11. General rules - 11.1. Netiquette : "No player may post in forums or send to another member any voluntary message that contains abusive, insulting, provocating, advertising, vulgar, foul, racist, sexist or other discriminatory or politically sensitive content that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to being immediately and permanently banned. You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic, comment or message at any time should they see fit."

Thanks everyone not to provocate or insult other players anymore !

Sergey warned me before the match that some players from wouldn't like to play under their real names, I said they could register with other names (not famous names), a few players did it, this is not so important IMO.

Players who absolutely want to play in this match against players using their real name can send me a private message and I'll arrange that.

Thanks in advance :)

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-24 07:12:04)
Hello, chess friends!

Yeah, I've read the polemics, but don't feel like doing that, coz whatever I say would be misinterpreted by Serge & Co. Lol! I've got nothing to do with IGAME now. I've left it forever and explained the reasons behind my move on the IGAME forum. Thibault, I do respect your decision that only western-based FICGS players join your team for the match. I thaink, that is quite right to do in the current situation. Cheers, Alex

Denis Stork    (2007-06-24 08:12:53)
Sergey Pligin = Sergey Pligin

Maybe one should check it on ICCF events, as assisted, before asking continuous questions.

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-24 08:20:06)

If I understand the current situation, igame have already decided their 25 players and so the ones who have missed out from igame are looking to play for ficgs, which Thibault has said wont be happening.

Since it looks like ficgs will be able to allocate 25 ficgs only players, perhaps a second division needs to be created?

The top 25 from both sites still play each other, but then the ones who missed out from both sites get to compete against each other in Division B.

I believe this would help to stop igame players from trying to join ficgs with the only intention of playing in the team match.

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-24 09:55:59)
Hello, Garvin!

Nope, that's only half-truth. I've no idea of the others' motivation but my signing-up on here has nothing to do with an attempt to play versus the IGAME team. The reasons were somewhat different. I didn't come here solely to play in that match, I just love the friendly atmosphere here on FICGS. Cheers, Alex

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-24 17:58:56)

Because of dubious circumstances I resign from my promise of participation the match. Nevertheless all the best for all participants! Best regards, Wolfgang

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-06-25 03:18:38)
Second division.

If there is a second division, I will be in, I am not a strong player so I cannot participate now.

Albert Popov    (2007-06-25 07:20:58)
Using nicknames or fake names

I presume, it's disgusting to use nicknames or fake names in a friendly match. I find it impossible to shake hands or salute people who hide themselves behind nicknames or fake names. That's not fair play and if it takes place, I'm not into it! It runs counter to the ICCF rules of conduct. Amici sumus! Albert

Andrey Sumets    (2007-06-25 08:20:09)

As far as I understood, it will be only a friendly match between two servers, one of which (ours) is not official. Thus I don't see the reasons why our players can't play under those names which they will find necessary. On I also play under an assumed name, however it does not cause any discussions or any other problems from other participants. Moreover, if the person will name Donald Duck or I_can't_play, their skills and opportunity won't change. So considering the friendly status of this match I do not see the reasons to make great problem from this matter.

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-06-25 08:34:42)
Using nicknames or fake names

A small suggestion, I do not mind the members of the other team to use nicknames, as long as we can access their past games and possible their real names. Can that be achieved?

Sergey Pligin    (2007-06-25 10:13:05)
to Wolfgang Utesch

Wolfgang, it is a pity such a strong player as you are resigns playing this match for the reason you are giving up this opportunity is insignificant, IMO. Several players of our team use nicknames, but not all of them. You may play vs me. I am expected to play on 3rd or 4th board. My games are available on ICCF web server. I hope you will change your mind and play FICGS team. Best regards, Sergey

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-25 13:49:30)
Why nicks then, Sergey?

I just can't get why some of your IGAME team players use nicks instead of their real names? Are there some professional players in your team who do not want to go public on FICGS and elsewhere on the net? If so, that's all right. Otherwise it looks rather weird. Cheers, Alexander

Charlie Neil    (2007-06-25 14:45:39)
Ficgs vs

Is this the most replied to forum in Ficgs history? Regarding nicknames so what? It's a friendly match. Amici Sumus. (And psychology in chess still can win the game before the first move!) As far as I am aware you must give your real name to the administrators on the site before you can use nicknames. So there you go. Now play the board and not the man.........Look at my rating very very low but I have fun! it's only a game.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-25 15:25:58)
Ficgs vs

Undoubtly the most replied in this forum :)

I think that's not so important matter. A few IGAME.RU players registered with other names and were honest by admitting it. Of course a few players here used nicknames before that, that's not a big deal and that's internet chess. The only way to be sure (actually that's wrong, I saw some cases a long time ago in team championships) of your opponent's identity is to play over the board.

Finally, if some players in IGAME.RU team use nicknames, let's say that's a small advantage we give to them :) .. On the other hand, we play at home !

Not a big deal... really.

Amici sumus !

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-25 15:29:23)
to Wolfgang Utesch


Please read below regarding your participation and this issue of nicknames.

Thibault de Vassal (2007-06-24 01:35:19) Players who absolutely want to play in this match against players using their real name can send me a private message and I'll arrange that.

Continuing on with my comment- This means that since you have a real issue playing against someone using just a nickname, Thibault de Vassal will pair you against someone using their real name.

This seems a fair compromise to me.
By the way, I would like to play against someone using their real name as well.

Robert Mueller    (2007-06-25 16:57:08)
Ficgs vs

With all the discussion about nicknames we seem to be a bit off topic: when does the match start and who is playing?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-25 17:48:40)

Let me explain – I don’t want to have any exception rules for me! It’s a principle thing: about 35 years ago I played some few correspondence chess tournaments by postcard (naturally with my real name). After a long period of abstinence (since 1999) I played correspondence chess by Email (IECG/Playchess-Server and ICCF/ICCF-Webserver) – new transport medium but with old real name. So everybody can see my chess history: I’m standing (with my real name) to all my many bad or neutral games as same as to my some very good chess performances. I’ve always used tools (first just books and later also engines), but I’ve always played my games alone (without help by any other person). I think there are many other players with FICGS (i.e. Peter Schuster, Hannes Rada, Harry Ingersol or others more) who have done it similar like me. In contrast, if DONALD DUCK wins and has played a very good game, he likes it to say his real name, if he loses or has played poorly, he is just staying DONALD DUCK. He wouldn’t have to fear to disgrace himself, but there is a real chance for him to gleam! Sorry, but this is not my idea from a friendly match between two serious teams.

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-25 18:53:46)
next rating list

Robert Mueller (2007-06-25 16:57:08) Ficgs vs With all the discussion about nicknames we seem to be a bit off topic: when does the match start and who is playing?

I believe that the ficgs team will be confirmed once the new rating list is released on July 1st.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-25 19:14:57)

See above ;) .. "The startdate of the match has been decided : 2007 june 27, Wednesday."

Of course, the games will be unrated, this is a friendly match and our opponents ratings are provisional. I'll post the teams and pairings wednesday.

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-26 11:33:47)
Good, good...

Nice to hear that the match gonna take place under any weather! Lol! Great that the nicks stuff is fading into the background. Anyways, nicks or fake names are minor issues compared to a good inter-server challenge match! Good luck to anyone and especially to the IGAME team! Pardonnes-moi, Thibault, mais je suis Russe, n'est-ce pas? Cheers, Alex

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-06-26 15:08:05)
re: nicknames

Now, I might not be a high rated player here, but here's my take on the situation.

What some here don't seem to realise is that one can stand by his results or whatever with his nickname.

On this site I use my real name, but that is only becouse of the atmosphere here. However, on the rest of the Internet i tend to use nicknames, and when I say or do something under a such nickname I stand by my actions with the reputation of that nickname.

This goes to a point where my most commonly used nickname is used almost interchangebly with my real name IRL. BTW, I have friends who can say the same.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-26 16:17:44)

"What some here don't seem to realise is that one can stand by his results or whatever with his nickname." I have no problem with this statement! Deciding is whether you are willing to disclose your real identity to your oppenent before playing? If yes, absolutely no problem - if no, .... (see above)

Andrey Sumets    (2007-06-26 16:38:31)

You can easily recognize your opponent by his games on because you will be given also his igame's nickname. All of our players have played a lot of games so far. If you have some problems with russian language please tell me your opponent's name and i'll give you link. According to this I don't understand why you want to now REAL name inspite of this person's games?

Alexander Shalamanov    (2007-06-26 16:39:38)
Issue of FP loyalty

Open identity is a question of CC ethics, and, say, enough courage to show your person (and personnality) exposed to the community. Chess correspondence is not a hide and seek game; it's an honest sport. Also, closed identity is, to my mind, some sort of disrespect for a partner. Cheers, Alex

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-26 16:48:10)
Real names (the end ?)

Even if I'm a bit more moderated, I quite agree with Alexander & Wolfgang. Anyway, everyone can feel it his way, so no need to continue this discussion IMO... Rules at FICGS just try to gather people and make a friendly place.

Mircea Hrubaru    (2007-06-26 22:40:08)
that is disgusting

Hi Thibault and all others! Given the current circumstances and bad words, I am glad I was not selected to play vs guys at I will continue playing here, but with a bitter feeling... Best wishes, Mircea

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-27 00:53:38)

Hi Mircea. You know, such things happen... That's a pity this atmosphere of suspicion was created because of a few players and a misunderstanding but it would have happened anyway, as it is not possible to verify all names... Most important is to play with clear rules, then (fortunately) we all are different and think different :)

Christophe Czekaj    (2007-06-27 13:33:55)
What a mess !

Hi everybody ! I'm totally agree with Charlie Neil ! What a mess for a friendly match ! I know "chess is life" but before it's a friendly game. So let's just play chess !

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-06-27 14:52:24)
Ficgs vs

I am looking forward for this match, of course as a humble spectator. Maybe we should have cheer leaders ...

Andrey Sumets    (2007-06-27 15:15:05)

When will we start? Today?

Andrey Nikolayevich Pavlikov    (2007-06-27 17:20:49)
it's Wednesday, isn't it

Wednesday has come, so we are likely to begin. Both teams are eager to start, public has been waiting for the same. Is everything alright?

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-27 17:29:49)
top 25

I would just like to know who are the top 25 players that will be representing ficgs.

Sergey Pligin    (2007-06-27 19:24:46)
Our team

Here is our squad, in accordance of boards:
1. Sumets Andrey, Member # 2137, GM
2. Pljusnin Ivan, Member # 2147
3. Pligin Sergey, Member # 2189
4. Doinikov Owl, Member # 2191
5. Romitsin Nikolay Sergeevich, Member # 2159
6. Vovk Andrey, Member # 2144, IM
7. Yunusov Adkham, Member # 2124
8. Pavlikov Andrey Nikolayevich, Member # 2182
9. Leskiv Miroslav, Member # 2133
10. Domanov Dmitry, Member # 2130
11. Kragujevcanin Stole, Member # 2148
12. Silkin Aleksey, Member # 2198
13. Orlov Sergei, Member # 2207
14. Kim Vladimir, Member # 2139
15. Gerasimov Vladimir, Member # 2190
16. Larin Igor, Member # 2193
17. Zarullin Ivan, Member # 2203
18. Filimonov Evgeny, Member # 2176
19. Pezikov Evgeny, Member # 2174
20. Stork Denis, Member # 2180
21. Mancubov Boris, Member # 2156
22. Ilyuschenko Yury, Member # 2168
23. Prokopenko Alex, Member # 2182
24. Basiliev Iouri, Member # 2205
25. Shpakovsky Alexander, Member # 2185

The following players will play using their real names:
Sumets Andrey GM
Pligin Sergey
Romitsin Nikolay Sergeevich
Vovk Andrey IM
Yunusov Adkham
Pavlikov Andrey Nikolayevich
Leskiv Miroslav
Domanov Dmitry
Silkin Aleksey
Orlov Sergei
Gerasimov Vladimir
Larin Igor
Pezikov Evgeny
Ilyuschenko Yury
Prokopenko Alex
Shpakovsky Alexander

Dan Rotaru    (2007-06-28 03:30:01)
IGAME team

Apart from Member # can the ratings be revealed for each player: IGAME rating, FIDE / ICCF ratings if available? It would be fair at least to know the strength of our oponents. The rating registered on FICGS for some players is provisional and it doesn't tell anything. IGAME players have free access to this information so it has to be reciprocal.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-28 04:07:04)
IGAME team

I don't think IGAME team has to provide more information... The match started, once more that's internet chess, we have to accept this part of uncertainty. You may search ratings for players mentioned above (using their real name), but anyway IMO at least 1 player (not me :)) in FICGS team does not use his real name too, moreover a few players in our team still have a provisional or under-estimated rating... Any player can start with a 1600 rating here if he does not mention his FIDE rating, so the same for IGAME players. This is part of the challenge, so let's just play :)

Garvin Gray    (2007-06-28 06:10:18)
board orders


I have a real problem with the board orders that igame have put in.

Why is a 2200 elo player on board 25 for igame.

I was not aware that this team match was going to be played in this fashion. I thought it was a simple principle that both sides play in roughly rating order.

Not impressed at all!

If igame wants to win that badly that they are playing one of their best players on the bottom board, they can have two wins right now as far as I am concerned.

Ivan Zarullin    (2007-06-28 07:09:17)
2 Garvin

Hello, Garvin, most of our players have not got fide rating since they quited active chess before acquiring the rating. Even now most tourneys in Russia are not calculated by fide. Our team is ordered by a player performance on igame. Since our players typically played a hundred of games on igame, this performance most adequately shows our correspondence chess skill.

Ivan Zarullin    (2007-06-28 07:34:24)

a typical participant from our team has played a hundred games on our server. Since Russia has its own title system, the absense of international title can be also confusing. In particular some of chess players consider the fide master title not worth paying money. E.g., GM Korneev has never been fide master.

Andrey Nikolayevich Pavlikov    (2007-06-28 08:51:32)
the beginning

Thanks God, Tibault and Sergey the match has been begun. I wish all the participants good luck and brilliant games! Amici Sumus.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-28 13:44:33)
Russian titles

Interesting, I didn't know anything about that.. Is there another organization in Russia ? .. Where is it possible to learn more about these russian titles (rules, websites or so) ? Thanks in advance :)

Vadim Khachaturov    (2007-06-28 22:44:14)

Dan, Your opponent uses nickname filler on IGAME.RU. His rating is 2241. One of the lowest in their team.Here is his stats : win 18 draw 8 lost 1.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-28 23:24:29)

You can find our opponents nicknames at IGAME.RU on this page :

Dan Rotaru    (2007-06-29 00:20:31)

Thanks Vadim, My opponent already provided me this information which is very nice of him. So let's forget about all the fuss in this thread and let's play some good games.

Ivan Zarullin    (2007-06-29 11:06:24)
russian norms and titles

Dear Thibault, you can find russian national chess norms at E.g., to become a national master a russian player have to reach 2450 ELO and to accomplish IM norm, or to win World\Europe Championship U16 or U18.