FICGS support to Ukraine


FICGS support to Ukraine

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Thibault de Vassal    (2022-02-27)
FICGS support to Ukraine

I must say I'm not used at all to merge politics &/or war to chess... I'm not sure if FICGS should display a ukrainian flag during these obviously very sad times. But I'll do it if the most think it's a good idea. Personally I do support civil people under bombs, probably in all cases.

Also it is quite tough to understand what happens there from 2014 & Minsk agreements... I discussed about it with russians, ukrainians, read many news & fake news, much complexity. I do not think this is the place to discuss about it though, so let's just decide about a way to support or if we should stop players clocks only.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2022-02-27 14:03:18)
FICGS support to Ukraine

I'm for supporting Ukraine with some message or at least a flag.

Anything else/more is for anyone to choose personally, but a support message is a must, imho.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-02-27 14:08:41)
FICGS support to Ukraine

As one ukrainian player registered for the FICGS chess championship, I wrote to him to know his views on his own situation. We may also have to decide what to do about this championship in this very particular case (particularly if I do not receive any news).

A. T. S. Broekhuizen    (2022-02-27 14:31:00)
FICGS support to Ukraine

Maybe it is possible to organize a beneficiary tournament with entrance fee for Ukraine.

Bahadir Ozen    (2022-02-27 16:34:37)
FICGS support to Ukraine

-1 Messages of love, hope and light can be shared for people in Ukraine. Although the situation seems political, what is happening is happening to humanity...

-2 During this period, the "Special Leave" feature can be given to Ukrainian - resident players.

-3 During this process, the Russian flag may be suspended. (Of course, it is not the fault of the Russian players, but the flag does not comply with the rules of "Gens una Sumus", as it is to represent.

-4 A special tournament can be organized on behalf of Ukraine.

We are going through difficult times. No to war for humanity.

Best regards,

Jan Talek    (2022-02-27 17:00:59)
FICGS support to Ukraine

I fully agree with Bahadir's ideas.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-02-28 01:18:10)
FICGS support to Ukraine

Bahadir's point 3 may be tough to me... I have to think about it. More opinions are welcome.

Point 4 may be a nice idea but I'm not sure if it would be significatively efficient. We can do this anyway if players enough ask for it.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-02-28 01:44:32)
FICGS support to Ukraine

"Support to all people under attack", followed by ukrainian flag on the right side displayed about everywhere on the website. Of course, not only ukrainians can be victims in Ukraine, so it may be more appropriate.

Feel free to suggest any other message...

Piotr Wiaderek    (2022-02-28 06:24:31)
FICGS support to Ukraine

on LSS server flags of all players were changed on United Nations flag. Even russian players have this flag. Gens una Sumus. Maybe it is a good solution for these difficult times.

A. T. S. Broekhuizen    (2022-02-28 12:29:24)
FICGS support to Ukraine

Let me explain about the idea of a beneficiary tournament: the entrance fee, will ensure immediate money for refugees. While there could be no prize.

A. T. S. Broekhuizen    (2022-02-28 12:32:22)
FICGS support to Ukraine

About the flag issue. A united flag would be too soft. Just change everyone's flag to the Ukraine one for one day/week to show our sympathies.

Jan Talek    (2022-02-28 19:01:04)
FICGS support to Ukraine

I see there are many different opinions regarding flags. If it is such problematic issue let's remove flags on the website for the time of war.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-02-28 21:33:03)
FICGS support to Ukraine

That is a nice idea from LSS server. Though I'm still not sure about what to do on this point.

The idea of a beneficiary tournament remains interesting but is it time for chess games during these trouble times (that might extend to Europe) while there may be other ways to help... I'll think about it further.

I'm also thinking about postponing WCH tournaments, any opinion is welcome.

Clodomiro Ortiz    (2022-02-28 22:22:15)
FICGS support to Ukraine

war is continuation of politics so it must be kept out of sport

Daniel Parmet    (2022-03-01 18:29:14)
FICGS support to Ukraine

Definitely stop the clocks. ICCF Stopped them to April 29th which I think is absolutely the right move.

Patrick DeBonis    (2022-03-02 14:19:18)
FICGS support to Ukraine

Of course, I support the Ukrainian people, but I don't hold any of this against the Russian players on this site. I'm not for removing there flags. We are all adults' here and can discern the difference between governments and ordinary people.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-03-02 19:54:37)
FICGS support to Ukraine

Clocks for ukrainian players in activity have been stopped yesterday (45 days of special "vacation", can be renewed if necessary).

I don't hold any of this against russian players as well. As I said in the other post:

"(...) At tennis, in example, Elina Svitolina (UKR) didn't want to play Anastasia Potapova (RUS) yesterday, but federation of tennis "removed" russian flag for individual players... the match finally happened (Svitolina won 6-2 6-1 by the way). All russians I know do not support this war, so I think it is a good sign of support from them to join this idea, kind of support for peace.

If any russian player is pro-Poutine or supports this war, of course he can talk to me and ask for his flag (not meaning he'll get it)."

Patrick DeBonis    (2022-03-03 02:54:02)
FICGS support to Ukraine

This reminds me of the 1939 Chess Olympiad in Buenos Aries. In the middle of the tournament, World War II broke out. The participants on both sides managed to put their differences aside and finished the tournament. After the tournament was over, many players from both sides chose to stay in Agrentina and sit out the war. I wish things were that simple today.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-03-11 02:34:40)
FICGS support to Ukraine

After a few days of observation, the whole situation in Europe may not evolve much, so WCH tournaments should start very soon.

Steven DuCharme    (2022-03-13 23:11:52)
FICGS support to Ukraine

please join the peace open at asap tyvm

Juri Eintalu    (2022-03-21 21:28:38)
FICGS support to Ukraine

I am also against wars, particularly against unjustified wars, and absolutely against war crimes.

Concerning the Ukraine war, I have noticed that the sports regulators, including chess regulators, are inconsistent.

When did they protest against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, sanctioned the sportsmen from the occupying countries?

I suggest punishing those who explicitly approve the war crimes or make hate speeches.

Thibault de Vassal    (2022-03-22 21:28:29)
FICGS support to Ukraine

It seems such punishment just happened to GM Sergey Karjakin (after supporting Poutine & Russia in Ukraine's invasion)...

All I have to say about Iraq war is that France did not participate. That was definitely a good decision from french government, but I guess it was not obvious to make an opinion at this time on US government's statements. It cannot be compared to what happens today.

Juri Eintalu    (2022-03-22 22:02:44)
FICGS support to Ukraine

What happens today is a greater conflict than occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan only because some great forces are vehemently supporting the invaded Ukraine.