FICGS restarts 2016 May 25


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Thibault de Vassal    (2016-05-25)
FICGS restarts (2016 May 25)

Hi everyone, nice to see you again, I missed our games :)

First of all, my apologies for this too long delay... I went through hell to try to fix these first major issues (emails & database compatibility) that were the consequence of the forced system update that followed the server crash of last month.

Unfortunately, internet protocols & languages are constantly evolving and FICGS is late on these changes. Added to the fact that databases, databases tables, database interface, database calls, PHP language, PHP files, content display, browsers (and I probably forgot ones) communicate with variable charsets, the result is that it is impossible to make FICGS (which uses both UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 according to the content) compatible with this system change in one shot...

Consequently, it will take a long time to make it right... Feel free to report any bug in the "Bugs after the server crash" discussion in this forum.

Thanks in advance! Have good games ;)

Thibault de Vassal    (2016-05-26 02:19:21)
FICGS restarts (2016 May 25)

Ratings / norms / tournaments results have not been updated yet, I have to examine codes further before the calculations, sorry for the delay.

George Jempty    (2016-05-26 07:44:30)
FICGS restarts (2016 May 25)

Regarding ratings, if you get to them around June 1 give or take, maybe you should then update them every two months, but on the even numbered months instead of odd as in the past. Just a thought

Herbert Kruse    (2016-05-26 10:59:50)
FICGS restarts (2016 May 25)

thanks for all your work, i missed FICGS, was as guest in ICCF and during that time, but this is by far the best server :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2016-05-26 21:49:03)
FICGS restarts (2016 May 25)

Thank you very much Herbert & all for the encouragements, it always goes right in the heart and helps me to find solutions, even in desperate situations :)

George, your idea makes sense a lot but such habits are difficult to change, I'm too afraid to forget and make a mistake in the future :/