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FICGS council / staff

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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-09)
FICGS council / staff

Hello to all.

As I just said on TCCMB about the server, I clearly don't want to reproduce the Chessfriend waste... For obvious reasons, I won't administer alone the whole server forever. That's why I want to create a council-staff and to turn FICGS at least partly towards a IECG-like structure...

Feel free to tell me if you're interested to take part of the adventure !

Best wishes.

Sebastien Marez    (2006-04-09 11:16:30)
FICGS council / staff

I wish to take part in this adventure Best Regards Sebastien

Paul-Iosif Guralivu    (2006-04-10 10:18:26)
FICGS council / staff

In will have a lot of time!

Patrice Verdier    (2006-04-10 11:59:55)
FICGS council / staff

I am very pleasant to takepart in this new adventure Best wishes, Patrice

Hannes Rada    (2006-04-10 21:57:30)
Job specification

Generally speaking I am interested. But what about a job specification :-) To be honest, I've no idea about go ..:-) But I've experience in administrating a phpbb - Forum. Hannes

Patrice Verdier    (2006-04-10 22:19:36)
Possibility Job

I have been club chess president. I can organize tournaments, proceed rating calculator, write rules, doing relation with others organisation (ICCF, IECG,...). I have some ideas also for tournament with fee and prizes

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-11 05:18:57)
FICGS council / staff

About job specification, as I said, I would like FICGS to be a place that fits to the most, and not under a dictatorship (even mine :)), so the idea to create a council with all members who want to be part of it, voting all decisions relating server rules, tournaments, wch cycles, titles... (or simply opinion poll on the website ? or both...)

The FICGS staff should be able to manage the server (registering new members, moderating the forum, referees...) Nothing difficult, just needs motivation. Most important is that it could completely work without me. Of course, if developers want to help, making a drag & drop interface ie. or improving whatelse..) About "go", we'll see later, Hannes :) (it's a fine game, you should learn !)

Anyway I'll send an email to all players responding in this thread soon. We will discuss about that.

Best wishes & thank you !

Daniel De Noose    (2006-04-11 23:46:29)
FICGS council/staff

I'm interested too. I don't have always lot of time but I have lot of holidays ! ;-) You can see my description on (login : danideno)

Patrice Verdier    (2006-04-12 09:49:26)
FICGS Council / Staff

Can you send your email adress for discuss about this organisation ?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-12 09:55:40)

I send an email to you now. My email : ficgs (at)





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