FICGS WCH 6 stage 2


FICGS WCH 6 stage 2

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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-11-03)
FICGS WCH 6 stage 2

I finally built 5 groups of 7 players (=35 players) for the 2nd stage of the 6th chess championship.

As you probably noticed, we had much less players in the 6th championship than in the 7th, also as there was 9 players by group, there was much less groups in the 6th championship.

Finally the choice was to build groups of 5 players playing a double round-robin tournament (wch rules have been updated for this case) with a few players invited, or to invite 10 more players from stage 1 in order to build 5 groups of 7 players. This last choice was best & more natural IMO to limit the number of games by player and to follow the idea to have more chances to see the very best players in the final stages.

Consequently the 3rd stage of WCH 6 (round-robin final) will be most probably a double round-robin tournament including the winners of these 5 tournaments (as there will be no need to invite any player to complete this group)

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-11-03 19:44:40)
FICGS WCH 6 stage 2

To "clarify" the way groups are built, when looking at previous cycles there was 4 groups in most round-robin stage 2 and 7 players in every round-robin final, so there was 4 players qualified +1 from M group in stage 1 +2 players invited due to their result in the tournament (~1st place shared).

So I could have chosen to build 4 groups for this stage 2 as well, but there isn't a M group in this cycle and 3 players should be invited for the round-robin final which is a lot compared to the initial number, or it could be a double round-robin of 4 or 5 (with 1 invited) players, that I try to avoid as I think it is less efficient than single round-robin tournaments with more players... well I try to explain this complex way to decide how the groups are built to make it transparent at least, if not clear. As it is not possible to make a perfect algorithm, finding the best player should be the priority while building these groups, that's why IMHO it seems correct to see 2 (3 in rare cases) players qualified in these stage 1 tournaments.

Vjacheslav Perevozchikov    (2009-11-14 03:10:41)

Game 36911 and Game 36913 in my group seems to go in the same way. There is a temptation to spy the opponents game :)
My question - is there a possibility to hide games during tournament avoiding a simple repetition of the moves? Like LSS it does.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-11-14 22:22:16)
"Spy games"

Hi Vjacheslav ! Rules here authorize to "spy" other players :) Only mirroring games is forbidden.