FICGS Facebook app in question


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Thibault de Vassal    (2013-12-26)
FICGS Facebook app in question

Hello all,

As you probably have noticed, we have less and less new players and it seems that many correspondence chess sites encounter the same problem (but, maybe gameknot... mainly).

Nowadays, it seems that everything goes with Facebook and Facebook applications (even if Facebook enforced their rules in many ways around apps), so I'm thinking about making one... somewhat against my principles. In my opinion, there may be many other reasons why chess sites lose popularity but that's another story.

So I'd like to know your opinion on Facebook applications (well, most are spammy and with one goal, gathering personal data... that's quite obvious) and why not we could share ideas to make it useful and viral as much as possible...

Alvin Alcala    (2013-12-27 07:06:40)
FICGS Facebook app in question

Thib good idea. It's an option we can choose where we are more comfortable.

Garvin Gray    (2013-12-27 17:23:41)
FICGS Facebook app in question

Facebook is a very good medium and does not have to be 'spammy'. People have the ability to control what other see by controlling their settings.

The group admin can also decide who is able to enter a group, either by having the group as open or closed group.

Since pinterest was a bust, and I think facebook is the way to go, this idea should certainly be advanced.

I can see possibilities where it could help not just ficgs, but other sites as well as there are going to be players on facebook who are from other sites who are not on ficgs.

So I think it has the potential to be a win all round.

Garvin Gray    (2013-12-27 17:24:30)
FICGS Facebook app in question

Oh, and troublemakers and trolls can be kicked out of the group :)