FICGS Birthday


FICGS Birthday?

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Don Groves    (2011-03-31)
FICGS Birthday?

Thib -- you wrote that FICGS would soon be four years old but I joined in August 2006 and there were 350 members already. Maybe FICGS will be five years old soon?

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-03-31 23:07:22)
FICGS Birthday?

Nope, I remember that I announced in the forums about FICGS in April 2006, and many strong players registered very quickly...

By the way the archives tell it:

At the very bottom of the page (or almost), the server started on April 5, 2006. About 220 players registered the first 25 days...

Don Groves    (2011-03-31 23:23:26)
FICGS Birthday?

All true. But April, 2006 to April, 2011 is 5 years, oui?

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-03-31 23:34:25)
FICGS Birthday?

............... oops :)

William Taylor    (2011-04-01 00:40:10)
FICGS Birthday?

Is it possible to find out when I joined?

Don Groves    (2011-04-01 03:44:51)
FICGS Birthday?

Have a look at your first game.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-04-01 09:26:08)
FICGS Birthday?

William, I think that the registration date has been added after you registered, so Don's method is probably best here.

William Taylor    (2011-04-01 20:19:14)
FICGS Birthday?

Good idea Don. Looks like my first games started on Christmas day '06.

Sebastian Boehme    (2011-04-02 17:15:00)
FICGS Birthday?

5th birthday of FICGS? Congrats on this first of all to this great correspondence server.

Sounds to me like there should be a special sort of celebration event for this to come.

Thibault now it is your turn. ;-)

Don Groves    (2011-04-02 23:43:58)
FICGS Birthday?

I propose a toast to FICGS. We all tip our glass to Thibault at 00:00 server time on April 5th.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-04-03 01:53:04)
FICGS Birthday?

Ah! You challenge me Sebi :) I was not even able to find an april fool joke good enough this time... but I'll try! A special tournament wouldn't be a good idea right now though :/

Don, I can do this! Cheers at 00:00 April 5th!

Don Groves    (2011-04-05 10:52:37)
FICGS Birthday?

You missed it but we had many drinks to your honor!

Paul-Iosif Guralivu    (2011-04-05 11:40:56)
FICGS Birthday?

Hi all,

Member # 12 (ROU). That's me. I think I joined before April 2006.

I don't remember how I joined and how I found it.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-04-05 11:49:56)
FICGS Birthday?

Hi Paul-Iosif !

For the story, I remember how Paul-Iosif joined FICGS because he is the first & ONLY member not from my personal friends who joined FICGS even before I announced it (which was a true surprise to me)! I remember that you found it through Google that indexed FICGS before that there is any friendly link pointing to it (probably thanks to a "whois" website).

Thanks Paul-Iosif for being still there 5 years later :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-04-05 11:52:56)
FICGS Birthday?

Hi Don, shame on me I had no computer at this time but I thought about it! Today is the day, thanks guys!

Paul-Iosif Guralivu    (2011-04-05 18:33:44)
FICGS Birthday?

Hi Thibault!

The truth is that I wasn't always active in the FICGS comunity. Nor I'm a very good player.

But I still do enjoy chess.
And I'm happy FICGS provides a place where you can say: "Hey I played in an unofficial World Chess Championshiop".