Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup


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Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-31)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Congratulations to Eros Riccio who convincingly won this 3rd Freestyle Cup !!

As for me I'm really happy with this result... I could have lost the last game on time (connection lost just after the draw), and time pressure decided in a lost position vs. Sebi... :/

- The standings :

Place Name Score Berg.

1 Eros Riccio 4.5 - 15.25
2 Thibault de Vassal 4.5 - 14.25
3 Kamesh Nookala 3.5 - 11.5
4 Robert Mueller 3.5 - 10.75
5 Gino Figlio 3.5 - 10.5
6-7 Ruben Comes 3.5 - 8.75
6-7 Yuriy Perikov 3.5 - 8.75
8-9 David Evans 3 - 6.75
8-9 Sebastian Boehme 3 - 6.75
10-11 Richard Bitoon 2.5 - 5.5
10-11 Jai Prakash Singh 2.5 - 5.5
12 Scott Nichols 2.5 - 5.25
13 Garvin Gray 2.5 - 3.5
14 Marcel Jacon 2 - 2.5
15 Xavier Pichelin 1.5 - 3
16 Jose Moreira 1 - 2

(the score is the one shown in the software, it may be not the same in the FICGS tournament page)

Finally we avoided the connection problems (really lucky), this was a really nice event, I would like to thank all players & especially Garvin who was up very late to play!

Lots of fun, definitely... I'll try to organize the 4th edition in about 3 months!

Kamesh Nookala    (2010-10-31 19:10:44)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Congratulations Eros,
you got a cake* to eat !!
Thanks to all who played vs. me and those who didn't.
You guys rock !
Finally, thanks Thib for hosting such an eventful tour :)

Ruben Comes    (2010-10-31 19:11:59)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Congrat Eros!!!
And thenks for the great tourn Thib!

Sebastian Boehme    (2010-10-31 20:00:30)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Also here goes my 50 cents about the tour.

First of all: Thib, very nice tour. Without you we would not have such nice events. FICGS rocks!

Secondly: Congrats to Eros, who made a last minute join and made me think: oh maybe he is out of shape, but you proved the opposite!

Last but not grrrrr about my own performance a bit. I think time management I need to practise a little better next time. ;-)

Many regards,

Eros Riccio    (2010-10-31 21:33:09)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

A big thank you to everyone who played, making this event possible, and especially to Thibault, who did the efforts needed to make this event possible, and also did a great TD Job! (and let's not forget his second place ;-)


Jimmy Huggins    (2010-10-31 22:52:16)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Great job to all the players! Eros you have proven to be one of the best on the forum and possible the world. Keep up with the great work :)


Wayne Lowrance    (2010-11-01 00:48:48)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Wow, my congrats to all who played. I feel I missed a special time. My chess work load did not permit me to play, But I am hopeful to join next time. I am chessed out, putting a ton of time on my FICGS games and falling further and further behind :)

Garvin Gray    (2010-11-01 01:00:54)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

I endorse all the comments previously stated.

I would like to see two changes for next time:

1) Longer time control. Yes I realise it will take longer to play, but I felt a lot of the games were about the computer and not much about true freestyle.
2) Starting at a different time :) and starting the days on time.

Gino Figlio    (2010-11-01 04:04:09)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Congrats Eros!
I enjoyed all the games and friendly atmosphere. This was a first but very nice freestyle experience for me.
Many things to learn from and hope to do better next time!
Special thanks to Thibault, how do you manage to play two roles at the same time and excel on both?

Jai Prakash Singh    (2010-11-01 05:09:09)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Congrats Eros and Thib! Great performances. It was a nice experience for me too except that I was getting disconnected just before start of my games. So reconnection caused initial time loss in many games for me.

Jai Prakash Singh    (2010-11-01 05:10:26)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Congrats to Kamesh too for getting 3rd position in this strong tournament.

Xavier Pichelin    (2010-11-01 09:48:33)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Congrats Eros and Thibault!!
Very good games!!

Kamesh Nookala    (2010-11-01 13:58:46)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

Thanks Singh,
But Winners always steal the show :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-11-02 09:56:22)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

@Jai Prakash: do not be too deceived, we all (or almost) know the connection issues, I lost many bullet games including in freestyle tournaments because of this... the aim is always to organize more freestyle tournaments, so you'll have your full chance early or lately, just like in the WCH cycles (the chancy factor is everywhere)!

@Garvin: let's continue to discuss it, the first tournament was played in 1 hour + 15 sec/move, I feel that the quality of engines improved enough so that the brain can take fully part of the game [less time to navigate into the game, more to understand the position], by the way everyone agrees that the book is more important than to have 64 cores (that was not true a few years ago)... an increment of 20 seconds would be better though, but it is no more 2 hours per game :/ .. in my opinion, if we have players enough like this time, a 7th round (or even a 8th) would bring more benefit than more time to find the best player, and I must say I was quite frustrated not to play a few players during the tour. :) Finally... with 6 rounds only, the best player won, most probably. All opinions are welcome here.

Garvin Gray    (2010-11-02 10:20:43)
Eros Riccio wins the 3rd Freestyle Cup !

With the 30 mins plus 15 secs time control, more rounds on two days becomes problematical.

With a 1300 ficgs starting time, those from the Americas were starting at about 5am and I was starting at 10pm on the second day.

So adding an extra round would mean either play starts early, or goes later.

The only other solution would be to add an extra day and play 9 rounds.

In part, the time zone issue is another reason why I think a longer time control might be better.