Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

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A. Wosch, 2481
M. Broniek, 2450


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Thibault de Vassal    (2011-01-12)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Congratulations to SM Eros Riccio who made it in the 4th FICGS correspondence chess championship, beating FICGS WCH Edward Kotlyanskiy 6.5-5.5

As he already won the candidates final match in the 5th FICGS chess WCH, we'll have the next final match "Eros Riccio vs. Eros Riccio" :) .. just joking, means that Eros just won the 5th FICGS championship as well... 2 titles at once, an amazing performance!

Sure that we'll need veeeery strong players to try to move the new FICGS king (who also won 2 FICGS freestyle cups) in the next WCH cycles! :)

Congrats also to Edward who was really near in this match, maybe the players will explain what happened in the only game that didn't finish into a draw... Finally many thanks to both players for a nice show!

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-01-12 21:10:14)
Edward Kotlyanskiy vs Eros Ricco

That may have been the most beautiful tactical and combative match. I have ever seen, its says a lot since I've followed a lot of Wch matches on different sites.

Both players who have very similar artistic styles of play. Both made a lot of interesting problems for there opponent to solve. In truth one got the feeling the Edward Kotlyanskiy tired to hard at times in the match to beat Eros. But such a statement can be seen as an insult to him. But its not true at all because. Not many will have the resolve to play Eros Ricco that way.

Congrats to both for a match I won't soon forget.

Paul Campanella    (2011-01-12 23:37:37)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

It is my opinion that Edward could have easily held his championship title if he strictly played for a draw instead of trying to win any of the games.

Edward Kotlyanskiy    (2011-01-13 01:29:48)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

I'd like to congratulate Eros on a very well played match. He had a very good match strategy coming into our games where he would try to put as much pressure on me as possible and hope for me to make a mistake. And it worked! A few mental slips on my part and before I knew it, I was lost. Just to re-emphasize what everyone already knows: Eros is undoubtedly one of the best corr players in the world. He deserved to win the championship. I thank him for making the games exciting, although maybe more for him than me :), and I look forward to playing with him again in the future.

Eros Riccio    (2011-01-13 02:36:42)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Thanks everyone guys... Thank you Edward, it was a real pleasure for me to play with you, not only for the interesting games, but also for the many friendly chats we had during our exchange of the moves, you are a very nice person and I also look forward to playing you again soon in the future.

Vjacheslav Perevozchikov    (2011-01-13 05:08:59)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Hi! Thank you both for the great match. Congratulations to the winner!!!

I have a question. What happened in the only game that not finished in a draw?
24... Rxc2!? wasn't a better choice for black? Or I missed something?

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-01-13 14:53:17)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Two great players, a great match, much fairplay at the end, thank you... it will be hard to wait for about 10 months before the start of the next 12 games match in the 6th cycle (and yes I verified, Eros will not play himself this time :))

Daniel Parmet    (2011-01-14 08:01:36)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

in the case of Riccio winning the challenger match shouldn't the previous Champ get a rematch just so there is a 5th title bout?

Daniel Parmet    (2011-01-14 08:03:07)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Anyways congrats to Eros

Sebastian Boehme    (2011-01-14 08:35:58)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

The most things having been said already, I would like to add a quote, which originally was about Bobby Fischer.

"Against Eros Riccio it does not matter if you win or lose. It matters whether you can survive."

Congrats Eros once again! Well done!



Paul Campanella    (2011-01-14 23:50:23)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

I agree with Daniel. Edward should get a rematch against Eros in the next championship.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-01-15 00:34:20)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Should be great, unfortunately things do not work that way (at least the current rules)... anyway Eros deserves those 6-8 months of "rest", at least to win his future matches in the 7th & 8th cycles :)

Paul Valle    (2011-01-17 21:44:53)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Thanks to both players for a very entertaining match!

Xavier Pichelin    (2011-01-21 11:37:09)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Congratulation Eros!
Double World Champion FICGS 0005 and 0006!!

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-01-21 14:55:23)
Eros Riccio is the new FICGS chess champ

Double World Champion FICGS 0004 and 0005 actually.





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