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En passant?

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Lawrence Nesko    (2006-11-20)
En passant?

Hello again, all. Once more, I apologize if my question has been answered before, but I have searched the Help and Forum sections and can't seem to find an answer.

In one of my current games (#4602), I wish to capture my opponent's pawn en passant. I have a pawn sitting upon e4 and he has advanced his pawn from d-2 to d-4. I had always been under the impression that the proper algebraic notation for the capture would be

exd4 ep

However, this was not accepted in the notation field. I tried a couple of more variations (i.e. exd4 e.p.) to no avail.

Fortunately, I was able to execute the move via the board graphic. The move was noted as exd3. Is that the porper algebraic notation, or is that something that is necessary due to the mechanics of the notation field?

Thanks in advance for your patience and reply.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-20 19:34:05)
En passant

Hello Lawrence.

It seems to me exd3 is the correct notation... (understood by the viewer & Chessbase)

Lawrence Nesko    (2006-11-20 19:42:00)
Thanks, Thibault

I appreciate the response. In many of the books I have read (particularly Seirawan's series), I have almost always seen e.p. as the notation for an en passant capture. Perhaps my source materials are older, or perhaps they are not using tournament conventions?

Either way, I'll keep this in mind for future reference. Thanks again!

James Stripes    (2006-11-22 18:16:03)
PGN standard

"En passant captures do not have any special notation; they are formed as if the captured pawn were on the capturing pawn's destination square." http://www.saremba.de/chessgml/standards/pgn/pgn-complete.htm