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Elo Question

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Miguel Pires    (2007-01-03)
Elo Question

Hello, For elo calculation what elo the system use, the current or the elo from the start of the tournament?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-03 14:25:14)
Elo Question

Hi Miguel.

TER (tournament entry rating) is used for chess, while the current rating is used for Go... Ratings are updated after each game for Go.

Miguel Pires    (2007-01-03 15:26:23)
Elo Question

So, if i correctly understand, in chess is used the TER. After the new rating was calculated i drew this game: http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=2849 My opponent have a higer elo then me, soo whay, if the new rating list was calculated today, i lose elo? Best regard's Miguel Pires

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-03 16:33:11)
Elo Question

Your TER was 2019, your current elo is 2160, higher than the previous one... What is the point ?

Miguel Pires    (2007-01-03 16:47:20)
Elo Question

Sorry. I'm going to try to explain (in portuguese is more easy): In 01/01/2007 my rating is 2160 In 02/01/2007 i drew a game against an opponent: His TER 2053 mine 2019 Now if i'm going to see my next rating calculation i see i lost 7 point's, but if the elo is calculated with the TER i can't lose point's, correct? This is the point Miguel Pires PS: Sorry my bad english

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-01-03 18:14:36)
Elo questiion

Interesting Pires. I have similiar experience I drew a game with a higher TER than m e, yet I lost points, no many though. I give up trying to figure out the rating scheme knowing that it applies to us all equally, thats enough for me cheers Wayne

Miguel Pires    (2007-01-03 18:25:07)
Wayne Lowrance

LOL. I'm only traing to understand how this work's, only that nothing more. LOL Regard's Miguel

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-03 20:27:56)
Rating calculation

Rating calculation use your opponents TER and your current rating !

So this is quite normal :)

Miguel Pires    (2007-01-03 21:05:01)
Rating calculation

Thank's. Now i understand :)