Elections in France


Elections in France :-)

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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-14)
Elections in France :-)

A small thread about politics (could be interesting), just curious about what people from the whole world see and hear about elections in France, that will start in about 40 days from now.....

The news that Jacques Chirac will not try to be re-elected has been relayed everywhere, but what about the election itself ?

One more time opinion polls could influence the way people will vote and create a surprise at the end of the first "round"...

So just curious, who did you hear about among them : Nicolas Sarkozy, Ségolène Royal, François Bayrou, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marie-George Buffet, Dominique Voynet, Olivier Besancenot, Arlette Laguiller, José Bové, Philippe de Villiers, Nicolas Dupont-Aignant, Frédéric Nihous ?

And last but not least, any predictions ? :-)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-03-14 20:18:50)

Perhaps Sarkozy might win as he's "a Bove" Bayrout, Voynet, Besancenot, de Villiers, Aignant & Nihous. It might be proven again that (the)Pen is mightier than (the) Royal Buffet. Lastly, LaGuiller(tine) will face the chop.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-14 21:24:05)

haha ! .. well done, do you know a bit of french, Dinesh ? :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-03-15 04:51:12)

A bit........mostly popular words & phrases. I've heard a lot of French songs, and it sounds nice. I plan to learn more of the French language.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-15 13:40:16)
French songs

Really, what french songs are known worldwide.. or at least in Sri Lanka ?

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-03-16 05:41:41)

"FIN DE SIECLE", "TOUT LE MONDE", "TU AMOR" (there are French versions, English versions & English+French versions of this song) & "JOE LE TAXI" are amongst my favourites.

Nick Burrows    (2007-03-16 19:37:41)

' Frere jacque dom et tu...' is my miserly contribution to French musical knowledge?! Amongst the qualities required to be a great leader, the number 1 on anybody's list must be the ability to drive a tractor! hence it's gotta be Bayrou...

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-03-16 20:10:47)

Haha! What you mean is probably Bayrou is the only one with farming skills!? The others can't even ride a bicycle, I suppose?!

Charlie Neil    (2007-03-17 10:17:07)
Elections in France

Is it true that Jacques Chirac will face charges of corruption from the time he was Mayor of Paris after he steps down as President. The Head of State facing prosecution seems a bit bizarre. Also I believe that the week before the election there are no opinion poll findings released in case it may influence the voter.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-17 20:33:09)
Elections in France

No poll during the week before the vote is probably not enough, but anyway this system with 2 rounds has complex consequences on the way people vote. Really hard to find the best way to choose a president (or a world champion)...

About Jacques Chirac, we will see... I suppose there could be some surprises in future.

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-03-18 06:14:25)

I have an opinion. It is that no opinion polls should be held at all. To substantiate my opinion, we should hold an opinion poll to decide if there should be or should not be any opinion polls. Whatever the final opinion, the opinion doesn't count. Those who have no opinion at all should let their opinion be known too. Hehe!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-18 13:48:23)

Ok, now should be an election considered as an opinion poll ? :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-03-18 14:50:13)

Well, as opinions might change quickly in a voter's mind even until the final moments of casting a vote, lets call an an election a DECISION POLL.

Nick Burrows    (2007-03-18 18:00:41)

Well, if opinion polls shouldn't influence the decision poll. The decision poll shouldn't influence future opinion polls which will in turn affect the next decision. Hence, I propose the only sensible course of action is to keep the results of the decision poll secret. From now on the french president must wear a mask!

Nick Burrows    (2007-03-18 19:41:58)
masked politicians?

This may well reinvigorate the whole of politics for as Oscar Wilde said;- "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."

Don Burden    (2007-03-20 02:48:09)
French Songs

I know a little French and really like Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf. Are they still popular in France? I'd like to find a streaming French radio station on WinAmp (Shoutcast Radio) that plays that type of music, but all I can find either plays American music, or really awful dance/disco music.

There are a lot of Jacques Brel film clips available on YouTube (www.youtube.com), like "Madeleine" and "La Valse À Mille Temps" that I think are great.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-20 12:05:00)
French Songs

Jacques Brel is still very popular, yes.. and Edith Piaf these days because of the movie "La mome" with Marion Cotillard.

Maybe try to listen "Radio Nostalgie" !?

Nick Burrows    (2007-03-20 18:26:39)
politics > music

in my music collection i have ;- mc solar - rap in the french language sounds beautiful. camille - a french bjork! yan tiersen - who did the soundtrack to amelie and is a genius.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-20 20:57:32)

.. surprising to see that MC Solaar is known so far.