Duration of Google sandbox

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thibault    (2009-11-24)


Duration of Google sandbox

Hi all, finally I experienced the Google sandbox, because the number of links or I should say the link power of FICGS increased by about twenty per cent in a few weeks in september 2009.

As a consequence, these forums suddenly received 10 times less visitors than usual from Google, most probably as if the number of links pointing to FICGS were not taken in account.

The Google sandbox duration was exactly 54 days for this site, that is a lot already but not so much compared to what is said on the internet, between one month and six months, sometimes more.

When I was in the Google sandbox, almost no backlink were created, that looks like natural, and it was a good time to make many other optimizations as I was not sure what was the cause. Now I am almost sure it is the links power variation only that was too fast.

Conclusion : The Google sandbox will motivate you to optimize your website in many ways!  That is the good point. But do not even try to submit a request to Google to end the problem, they do not take it in account. There is no other way than to wait. This will be the nightmare of many webmasters, definitely!

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thibault    (2009-11-24 16:05:17)


Duration of Google sandbox

To illustrate the duration of the Google sandbox for FICGS, here are the statistics provided by Alexa (see november 2009) :

Google sandbox duration

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