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thibault    (2010-01-05)


Download RobboLito 0085g3

RobboLito is a very strong (maybe even stronger than Rybka 3) open-source UCI chess engine by: Igor Igorovich Igoronov, Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin and Roberto Pescatore

RobboLito is a UCI windows 'console' application, without any GUI (graphical user interface) that you may use with Chessbase 9 or 10 and free programs that also provide a GUI like Winboard, Arena or Chess-gui.

As it is not clear at all yet if RobboLito (based on Ippolit) is a clone of Rybka 3, I've decided to make it available to download at FICGS in its version 0.085g3 provided by Chess Logik [under GNU general public license] so that everyone can find it easily and test it.

RobboLito 0.085g3 Downloads:

RobboLito 0.085g3 w32
(optimized windows 32-bit executable and source code)

Download file

(optimized windows 32-bit executable for old CPUs that don't support Intel SSE2 instruction set)

Download file

RobboLito 0.085g3_x64
(fast windows 64-bit PGO executable
compiled  by peterpan)

Download file

RobboLito 0.085g3l_x86
(optimized linux 64-bit executable and source code
ported to linux by unisky)

Download file

Notes :

Estimated Elo : 3300

RobboLito does not include RobboLito's original tablebase codes (v. 0.084) and does not support tablebases, multiple CPUs/cores, multiPV, own book, egbbs, or chess variants (yet).

In several chess engines tournaments, RobboLito appeared to be stronger than Rybka 3 32bits, Ippolit 0.080b, Fritz 12, Deep Shredder 12, Stockfish 1.5.1 JA, Cyclone xTreme II and Naum 4.

Many other versions of RobboLito have been released already but the one provided here may be more stable & stronger.

RobboLito 0.084
RobboLito 0.085
RobboLito 0.085c
RobboLito 0.085c1
RobboLito 0.085c2
RobboLito 0.085c3
RobboLito 0.085d
RobboLito 0.085d1
RobboLito 0.085f
RobboLito 0.085f1
RobboLito 0.085F1
RobboLito 0.085f1a
RobboLito 0.085d3t
RobboLito 0.085d8t
RobboLito 0.085TA01
RobboLito 0.085TA02
RobboLito 0.085TA03
RobboLito 0.085et4
RobboLito 0.085g4
RobboLito 0.085g5
RobboLito 0.085gt3
RobboLito 0.085gt3B
RobboLito 0.09

Selected major changes in recent versions :

RobboLite 0.085c5
source code migrated to w32, cleanup, translation from Italo-Albanian to common chess programming terms, robbobase code removed.

RobboLite 0.085d2
UCI info depth/timing changed, currmove delayed
robbo.txt implemented, white/black minors revalued

RobboLite 0.085d3
tournament time control fixed
UCI id var/version constant combined

RobboLito 0.085d4
name changed from RobboLite to RobboLito,
ponder implemented, time control improved
date/time stamp added, robbo.txt removed, GPL added
default hash = 128 Mb

RobboLito 0.085d5
MOPH (Move on Ponderhit)
ETM (Enhanced Time Management)
ETF (Enhanced Time Factor)

RobboLito 0.085d6
shredder gui compatibility 
cleanup, bugfix
MOPH, ETM default = 'off
ETF default = 25

RobboLito 0.085d7
hanging 'mate' bug fixed
UCI boolean vars
NTM (Normal Time Management)
NTF (Normal Time Factor)
ETF/NTF default = 30

RobboLito 0.085d8
Ponder -> permanent brain
PR Ponder Ratio added
(default = 1.5)
MOPH UCI option removed

RobboLito 0.085d9
NTM (Normal Time Management) -> OTM (Original Time Management)
NTF (Normal Time Factor) -> OTF (Original Time Factor)
default OTF changed from 30 -> 22
enhanced time management algorithm updated

RobboLito 0.085d10
CPU load
time now uses timeGetTime()
upperbound/lowerbound info printing
pondering improved
UCI option for Move on Ponder Hit
Move on Ponder Hit -> Ponderhit Move

RobboLito 0.085d11
OTM default
OTF default = 25

RobboLito 0.085d12
OTM now 'really' true by default

RobboLito 0.085e
1st release of 'e' series, baseline version
will be starting point for multiPV and SMP implementation enhanced time management is 'on' by default (this seems to be a more conservative/safer TM than OTM)

RobboLito 0.085e1
UCI Ponderhit Move -> Move on Ponderhit
is now combo box: Never, Sometimes, Always
Sometimes = default (if move is EASY, i.e. a recapture, etc.)
no longer loses lightning/blitz no increment games

RobboLito 0.085e2
32-bit executable optimization
SSE2 enabled, floating point model -> fast
speed increase +10%
default time management improved
OTF default = 22

RobboLito 0.085e4
TM reduced to OTM
OTF -> BTF (Blitz Time Factor)
exponential scale-factor replaces less efficient blitz if/else clause from e1

RobboLito 0.085g3
bishop/knight evaluation fix
ponder bug fixed
time management changes
BTF removed

(more options below)

*armend    (2010-01-05 18:27:07)
Download RobboLito 0085g3

Stronger than rybka 3. Good news

*a47e5a    (2010-01-13 12:27:59)
13 years ago

please do also an executable, which can be used under Mac OS X (Shredder for Mac)

*5c840c    (2010-01-18 16:21:48)
Mac version

A mac version please!

*a0f972    (2010-01-30 17:37:34)
13 years ago

mac version please

*dazeke    (2010-06-28 00:59:03)
13 years ago

Where I Can find RobboLito 0.09 w32 no SSE2 for older CPU like AMD Athlon XP 2400+ ?

*zerili    (2010-09-17 20:58:44)
Download RobboLito 0085g3

I will try to compiled a Mac Version.

*dicki    (2010-10-14 08:49:55)
13 years ago

no puedo bajar...Me aparecen ventanas negra como pidiendome códigos...De todos modos no entiendo mucho de computadoras pero me interesaría muchísimo descargar el programa...Saludos y muchas gracias.

*viveda    (2011-01-03 09:26:42)
12 years ago

hola ,,, lo descasrgo pero pesa 140 k... y no habre es todo mentira de ustedes , donde lo puede descargar  ROBBOLITO LA ULTIMA VERSION....MI CORREO ES MAGALY(at)620YAHOO.COM.AR

*xuveku    (2011-03-28 01:50:57)
12 years ago

hola mi pregu,, es la sigui,, se puede instalar robbolito en el chess hodini... ,
de espero su contestacion, gracias..........mi correo es ...


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