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*admin    (2008-10-23)
Download Ants P2P

ANts P2P encrypts all traffic sent or received from others and proxies traffic between participants in the network to make it harder to determine the originating IP addresses. Among features :

    * Point-to-point encryption (AES 128 - DH 512).
    * End to end encryption (AES 128 - DH 512).
    * Multipath routing for packets.
    * Preferential connections to give the network a fast backbone.
    * Support for partial downloads.
    * Support for the eDonkey link format.
    * Autosearch sources for active and interrupted downloads.
    * Finding parts of files through normal queries or queries by hash.
    * Non-anonymous internet relay chat.
    * Queries are encrypted asymmetrically.

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*vuvave    (2010-05-17 20:25:11)
Download Ants P2P

P2P is dead, direct download killed it!

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