Does anybody play quotTravianquot


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Alexis Bromo    (2008-09-12)
Does anybody play "Travian"?

It is on-line strategy game. "mind-killer" :)))

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-09-12 14:18:15)

I possibly heard about this game before... but not much interested in such online games :/

Denis Ivanchenkov    (2008-09-12 23:39:50)
Travian, Sphere etc

Games of such kind are not only "mind killers" - in more extent they are "time killers" :) as for me I prefer chess.

Alexis Bromo    (2008-09-14 10:05:39)

yes, it's time-killer... but tried once you cannot stop, like heroin. and you must go your path till the end... i play, and i'm looking forward this "end". and i'll never play it anymore. :)))

Denis Ivanchenkov    (2008-09-14 15:14:05)

does this game have the end? :)

Alexis Bromo    (2008-09-14 22:25:47)

yes, it has. each round runs about 11 months.

Denis Ivanchenkov    (2008-09-14 23:28:51)

it is different - Destiny Sphere or Lineage or other similar games just last for ever.