Do the cards really matter


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Scott Nichols    (2012-04-24)
Do the cards really matter?

I hope this doesn't sound to dumb, but I was thinking about this. I've played poker for about 40 years from penny ante with the family to no limit games where if you don't win, the rent don't get paid.

Some people try to calculate the odds, the number of "outs" etc. Play the game scientifically, others play by the feel of the game. I've seen and believe that when the stakes are up there, the cards don't really matter.

Imagine like in a movie, you were put in a position that you had no choice but to play a game of hold-em for your life. A lot of people dream to play in the million dollar tourney's in Vegas, but for 99% of them, the dream shatters, and it ends up being their life for a great many of them. So the question is, could you call his "all-in" knowing what happens if you lose?

Garvin Gray    (2012-04-24 13:45:31)
Do the cards really matter?

In an attempt to get this conversation out of the chat bar and to here-

Bluffing on here is so much harder because everyone is playing many games at once, so you just move through each game and quite often do not even notice which opponent it is, or even something what has been played before.

So in all probability, it is almost impossible to remember if one of your individual opponent made a move on you 10 hands ago and is trying it again.

Or whether they have the nuts and are slow playing you, hoping to check raise.

I wonder if four handed poker would work on here? Might be worth a go between some who have records for playing quickly.

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-24 16:32:49)
Do the cards really matter?

I agree with Garvin that it is harder to play well at correspondence poker... well it leaves some space to "rain man"-like guys :) It is possible to identify some repeating behaviours after a while though...

What do you mean exactly "four handed poker"?

@Scott: no-limit poker is not poker anymore... money is king and the richest will always win at the end if the stakes are too high. And the higher the stakes, the less it will take time.

Scott Nichols    (2012-04-24 16:58:02)
Do the cards really matter?

Yes no-limit is not good. What I meant is starting with a set amount (like here), but there is no limit on betting, actually just like here.

Garvin Gray    (2012-04-24 17:05:22)
Do the cards really matter?

What I meant by four handed poker is everyone plays with four hands ;)

I was meaning that instead of games starting from heads up with even chips, the games would have four players starting with even chips.

Scott: would you like your reply again?

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-24 17:06:41)
Do the cards really matter?

Ah, okay. So to answer your first question: yes, I guess I could call it cause I wouldn't have entered such a tournament without envisaging to lose (and I may lose without calling as well)...

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-24 17:07:48)
Do the cards really matter?

(my previous post was an answer to Scott)

@Garvin: okay, I see :)

Garvin Gray    (2012-04-24 17:08:34)
Do the cards really matter?

Who are you replying to Thib, and which question or point?

Don Groves    (2012-04-24 18:17:47)
Do the cards really matter?

The term you guys are looking for is "table stakes." There is no limit on betting but you can't go in for more than you have in front of you at the start of the hand.

Scott Nichols    (2012-04-24 18:38:51)
Do the cards really matter?

My original idea was born after watching 2 "pros" in a heads up match on TV. The way they were betting, and seeing the hole cards, the commentator said the cards didn't matter, it was a lot of posturing etc.

Don Groves    (2012-04-26 03:00:35)
Do the cards really matter?

I agree the cards matter less with expert players.

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-26 09:36:36)
Do the cards really matter?

And at one point the expert players matter less than their stacks :)

Scott Nichols    (2012-04-26 23:11:47)
Do the cards really matter?

Agree! It is the same with girls! :D

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-26 23:26:00)
Do the cards really matter?

Eeeh... :o)