Display a random picture

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thibault    (2009-12-16)


Display a random picture

Every webmaster encountered this problem at least one time when coding his pages : How to display a random picture from one folder or even several folders?

Here is a simple way to do it in PHP. I just made this script, so do not hesitate if you have ideas for any improvement. In brief, the script fills an array with every file it founds in the specified folders, then it creates a random number and selects a picture.

Please see the responses to find the script.

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thibault    (2009-12-16 13:11:26)


Display a random picture


$pic_directories = array();

$pic_directories[0] = 'images_0';  // Just add other lines for several folders

$pic_image = array();
$pic_directory = array();

foreach($pic_directories as $pic_dir)
if (is_dir($pic_dir))
if ($dh = opendir($pic_dir))
while (($pic_file = readdir($dh)) !== false)
if ($pic_file != '...' && $pic_file != '..' && $pic_file != '.')
$pic_image[] = $pic_file;
$pic_directory[] = $pic_dir;


$pic_total = count($pic_image)-1;
$pic_random = rand(0, $pic_total);

print '<img src="'.$pic_directory[$pic_random].'/'.$pic_image[$pic_random].'" title="'.substr($pic_image[$pic_random],0,strpos($pic_image[$pic_random],'.')).'">';


*rofuka    (2010-06-05 19:29:19)
12 years ago

Thanks, this is very useful!

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