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John Hadden    (2018-04-12)

Hi... don't want to be annoying to the developers - in general the new style is more inviting than the old - but it is still pretty busy. I had to search for quite a while to even find what was going on. Still not quite sure if it is possible to have a game outside of a tournament - or how the tournaments work. Fair play for making tournaments with prizes... but Im not likely to pay to join if I don't know what's going on...

PS... I had to press post twice there...

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-04-12 22:24:54)

Hello John,

You are right, many things are not easy for new players, particularly not used to the "correspondence chess style".

Tournaments are the main thing here by far for the moment... maybe this will evolve with some time but it is still difficult to find opponents for advanced chess games for a few years (but from time to time).

Just to know, did you read the Help section? I'll try to add some things there... to start.

Many thanks for the feedback!

John Hadden    (2018-04-16 08:22:51)

I would say if you make it easier to arrange Games then they would be more likely to happen. "I'd you book the bands they will come" bill and Ted ii

Eg. Right now I am unable to play any go games because I don't have the right rating. There is only one tournament open but because there are few players I won't ever play. If instead you make it easier for non tournament games then more players would be available for the tournaments.

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-04-18 02:01:58)

I understand but it all depends on the number of players connected and ready to play at a given time. Right now, it is not possible to make bullet games popular, we would need probably 10 times more players.

Anyway this Go category just re-opened (it was the Kyu category a few week ago) so this is not really the 14th Go tournament for this rating range. So it shouldn't take too long (a few days though) to start.