Defeating Draw Death

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Game result  (chess)

E. van Dijk, 2166
G. Kerr, 2235


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Defeating Draw Death

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Scott Nichols    (2017-01-07)
Defeating Draw Death

Maybe some new ideas can be shared here. Here is one, 2 players play a 2 game or even more game match where Black gives up the f7 Pawn. Or a set of the first 6 moves very wild in nature and then each player will have to play the same first six moves. They alternate colors of course, :)

Scott Nichols    (2017-01-07 15:31:58)
Defeating Draw Death

#2. Black gives up f7 Pawn, but only has to pay 2 e-points to enter, White will have to pay 10 e-points. We would have the ability to enter the tournament as White or Black.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2017-01-09 13:35:17)
Defeating Draw Death

Just play Big Chess. :)

Jan Ohlin    (2017-01-11 12:15:29)
Defeating Draw Death

Instead of changing chess game i prefer to change style people playing at, lets call it the Riccio syndrom, being too careful. We need more carrots to fight about.

Thibault de Vassal    (2017-01-11 15:38:14)
Defeating Draw Death

The wild 6 first moves idea should be possible with thematic tournaments... Maybe the f7 pawn is possible this way as well. Why not... Scott's 2nd idea reminds me the silver thematic chess (now Traxler).

Jan, I did not miss your ideas in the chat on wins / draws... It may be very interesting and funny to try but it changes really everything, the game is not the same according to me, and the code should be rewritten in good part. And well, isn't it a question of taste before everything? As for me, I'm quite sure I would play it like atomic chess, then would come back to the original game.

Jan Ohlin    (2017-01-11 17:05:09)
Defeating Draw Death

I think it´s reasonable with extra elo points for a win. I take high risks playing some opening variations. And I do play chess with a World Champ in every match. Stockfish with some kind of human alias... :-)

George Jempty    (2017-01-19 00:02:36)
Defeating Draw Death

Make draws with White only count 0.4 but draws with Black count 0.6

Jan Ohlin    (2017-01-19 05:12:15)
Defeating Draw Death

And people will play even more safely as white...

George Jempty    (2017-01-19 20:19:53)
Defeating Draw Death

I don't understand the reasoning. If White is only going to score 0.4 for a draw, it behooves him to play more riskily for the win and a full point.





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