Deal with MTS, M2TS files

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cjzcoc    (2010-12-15)
Deal with MTS, M2TS files

M2TS refers to the BDMV stream container of Blu-ray. Media files recorded by DV in the AVCHD directory of its hard disk is in MTS format, which is a kind of high-definition video file format encoded MPGE - 4 h.264 / AVC encoding, and will become M2TS after transfering to computer with its additional PMB software. This optimizied compressed video based on MPEG4 h.264 obviously better than that of MPEG2 compression HD formats.

M2TS can be transfered from blu-ray files and the quality is very good. While the MTS is more used for high-definition camcorders. The MTS is the raw format shoot by camcorders, namely seen in its store media with MTS extension. After captured to the computer through the built-in import function of the software, the original MTS file will be displayed with M2TS extension.

Simply speaking, the camcorders make raw MTS, which will become M2TS format after capturing and importing.

M2TS Converter for editing scheme

1. Converting M2TS to HD AVI, suitable for guys intends to make film with DV, who may repeately compare the clips of high-definition files as well as apply and playback various special effects.
2. M2TS to HD MPEG2(M2T) conversion scheme, suitable for some ceremony activities like wedding, etc. which can be burn to DVD for collection.
3. Use the MTS Converter which will be the best choice for family ordinary users. All the popular conversion and simple editing will be of no problem.
4. M2TS (MTS) into standard definition MPEG2 scheme. This is not strongly recommended except for your converting to the portable devices. Because you have to sacrifice the quality to make sure converted file is compatible with your device.
5. Besides the above, there is also exception. Some early camcorders released JVC and Panasonic may record raw format like MOD and TOD. What you only do may be is to view them, if you want to convert and edit them, we recommend the  specialized TOD Converter and MOD Converter for you.


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