DMD DMA Dead Mans Attack


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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-27)
DMD / DMA : Dead Man's Attack :)

You know the DMD - Dead Man's Defense... but do you know the Dead Man's Attack ? :))

Dinesh opponents may know this "funny" situation, but this time I prefered to wait the next rating calculation... Sorry Dinesh, I hope you did not sacrifice your sleep this last month (sure not) ;) .. Quite strange anyway, I'm curious to understand.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-07-16 13:54:06)
Dead Man's Attack

Finally, it didn't work... After more than 40 days with less than 9 hours (then 4 hours) at his clock, Dinesh easily reached the time control at move 40 !

Do you ever sleep, Dinesh ? :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-07-17 04:53:18)

Haha! Good point! I actually do sleep. In the game you refer to, I was actually lucky to make the time control. Nevertheless, I had earlier lost a few games due to sleep! as I sometimes missed moves by a mere few seconds to time control. Some of those games I had some good positions Anyway, the main thing here is I enjoy my games win, draw or lose.

Garvin Gray    (2007-07-17 10:39:00)

Why do you allow yourself to get into such time trouble?

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-07-17 23:46:42)

Have to cut down playing too many games, for sure. That's the only answer, methinks.

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-07-19 06:43:54)

Imagine a DMA / DMD thematic tournament ...