DESC corr chess Open 2009 invitation


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Ralf Mulde    (2009-08-18)
DESC corr. chess Open 2009 invitation

Dear chessfriends,

German e-mail Correspondence Chessclub (DESC) invites everyone to
join the DESC Open. Join with uns and have fun playing chess!

Everyone in the world who can play chess (and has the possibility to
use an e-mail-system) is invited herewith to take part at this tournament.

It's a cost-free tournament, no one has to pay any fees.

Please register per e-mail at [ ] until
Sept. 19th 2009.

Your registration has to include

a) your family name
b) your first-name
c) your e-mail-address
d) and the remark < Anmeldung zum DESC-Open 2009 >.

The tournament will start at Oct. 1st 2009.

Reflection-time will be 30 days per 10 moves,
first time-exceed forfeits the game.

Moves will be transmitted by e-mail in the well known pgn-format.

During this pre-tounament, every player will have four to eight
games in groups with five to nine players.
The best three of them will reach the next round.

More informations are shown at DESC's homepage:

Take part, have fun! You and your friends will be welcome!

Best regards, IM Joerg Kracht, Michael Schirmer, and Ralf Mulde

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-08-18 19:04:39)
DESC corr. chess Open

Hello Ralf,

I would have loved to play this email-chess event (a few chessfriends here told me about it) if I hadn't some many games and things to do here. My best wishes of success for the tournament !

By the way what do you think about the future of email chess (I quite liked this way of play in the past but I experienced lost emails also), will DESC offer server chess also like IECG ?

Best regards,

Benjamin Block    (2009-08-19 17:52:40)
Already have to many e-mails.

Prefer to play server chess. I get 100 of e-mails every day and to check everyone takes time.