Curious in Round Robin Final 3


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Wolfgang Utesch    (2008-11-15)
Curious in Round Robin Final 3

Look at game #23804. What happened? Time violation?

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-11-16 00:11:40)
Loss on time

Hi Wolfgang,

Yes, a loss on time :-/

Wolfgang Utesch    (2008-11-16 08:27:13)
Loss on time

Nice to see that special strange time management of some players here sometimes have negative consequences on their own.

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2008-11-16 09:35:45)
We do not know, what happen

Well continences happens, I lost almost all my games from a tournament by time ( the one's I did not lose , the opponent forfeited and the other was awarded by Thibault) because I was kidnapped in a carjacking and when I got back to my computer my time expired so as the saying goes s..t happens

Wolfgang Utesch    (2008-11-16 14:04:19)
Loss on time

Hello Tano-Urayoán Russi Román, your kind of destiny hasn't been meant by me. Yor've my sympathy! Players I've meant are knowing.