Criteria for Best game


Criteria for Best game

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Per Lea    (2006-05-17)
Criteria for Best game

Can someone please tell me why 11 votes have been cast for game 156 as Best game? The way I see it, Black blunders on move 9 to lose the exchange, and finishes off with a howler on move 17. Or have I missed something here?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-17 15:37:39)
Best game :-)

Maybe we should wonder why players didn't vote for other 'better' games !?

A good game doesn't necessarily need to be perfect, but obviously it has to be spectacular. It seems to be the criteria for players. Who said there was no beauty without errors...

However, I hope Wikichess and Comments feature will reveal good chess games in another way.

Ryaad Aabid    (2006-05-23 22:48:14)
why I have right to vote for my game ?!

I think it is better for the player hasn't vote for a game where he was an opponent in that game ! Why I don't let others to vote for one of my games as best ? I have myself done this mistake , but thenafter the mentioned idea has come to my attention :-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-23 23:02:54)

Hello Ryaad.

Other players still can vote for your games. I think "auto-vote" ability is necessary because who knows better than the players themselves if their games are interesting or not ? If a player vote for a boring game, the other players won't, that's all. What happened last month with game 156 illustrated that quite well.