Create a Flip Book With Photos

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merrychen    (2013-03-28)
Create a Flip Book With Photos

In a complex technical domain, it is very easy to forget there are simple yet effective ways to perform miracles. One of these wonders is flip books. People could always capture a moment with a series of still photos and combine them into a flip book, no camcorder or any electrical device is required. Flip books are absolutely a nice way to preserve memories of vacations and special events. You may say so, flip books make an interesting educational project like decorating the pages and adding photos, but also add luster to a coffee table or any place they can be casually shared.

1. Take some pictures of an action or event in a consecutive series to constitute a unit of unforgettable scenes, capturing an image of each movement that occurs. Then you may need to determine what images you want to appear on your flip book. As a general rule, it's best to choose up to 20 images and arrange in sequence that you wish to display them in the flip book.

2. As you have many images on your computer mow, and if you want to view them in a photo gallery with 3D page flip effect just like view a flip book, then you could free download and launch the xFlip Flip Book Software to compile images/photos to create a flip book with 3D page flip effect.

3. Choosing a background theme for your flip book gallery comes next. The powerful software offers you two easy ways for you to select the background settings: you could design a colorful background by yourself from the background option that the software provides, or you could also import your favorite background image from your computer.

4. After all the settings having done, you could click the "Publish" button on the top menu, and fill the blank below as SEO friendly as you like, then click the "Publish" Button to start publishing. When the publishing process is completed, you could open the output destination to find the published flip book easily. 

5. You can choose to view the flip book on your computer, or upload the file to your website for easy sharing online. Then you could share it with your friends by email. In the final analysis, with the powerful and versatile digital magazine creator, you could enjoy creating animated flipping flash photo albums with page-turn effect, share with your friends and families at your convenience!

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