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Graham Wyborn    (2006-07-29)
Country Flag

I notice that a few players now use the "England" flag. I seem to remember that when I joined, that I did not have this option. I would like to change from the Union Jack Flag to the English Flag. How can I do this?

Graham Wyborn    (2006-07-29 12:33:44)
Thank You

My flag has been changed!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-07-29 12:55:34)
That's changed



Charlie Neil    (2006-07-30 11:40:10)
Country Flag

(here goes) is the Scottish flag available? I did discover this site via the Scottish Correspondence Chess Association website.The dam may burst as the UK divides into its constituent parts.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-07-31 11:03:15)
Scottish flag

Hello Charlie.

Yes it is... (England, Scotch, Wales)

Graham Wyborn    (2006-07-31 16:27:26)
Northern Ireland Flag

What about the Irish?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-07-31 16:38:04)
Ireland flag

... and Ireland, of course. (sorry ! :))

Flag -

Graham Wyborn    (2006-08-01 00:27:16)
Northern Ireland Flag???

Should be, I think, the Ulster Flag. The image you linked to was for Eire! Trust the following link shows the correct flag.

Graham Wyborn    (2006-08-01 00:31:08)
On another site!

On another site they had all the flags for each state in the USA! Not sure you will want to go that far, as then we UK people will be asking for the flags of each county. Where does it all end? Country flags only!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-01 11:45:47)
England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales

Sorry, I'm still a bit confused with that :/

I just looked at

So, Northern Ireland seems to be a country, Ireland I'm not sure... Finally, which is a real country or not ?

I don't understand why Great Britain is in ISO-3166 list... Anyway I don't want to treat political issues here, still thinking about the best solution.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-01 22:32:16)
United Kingdom = 1 code, 1 flag

Hello to all.

Sorry, I definitely made a mistake offering both United Kingdom and England-Scotland-Wales-Northern Ireland flags... The four are not official countries... I had the same problem with Québec/Canada & Puerto Rico/USA.

Everyone will have GBR code (and flag), but feel free to ask another country flag if it doesn't fit to you.


"Hello Thibault, Thanks for trying. I did think it would get to be a bit confusing. The United Kingdom and Great Britain issue is a difficult one to explain. (...) we can get "heated" when our seperate nationhood and identity are not recognised. But this is chess and the International Correspondence Chess Federation has the motto, "we are all friends" and FIDE has "we are one people" as its motto. So avoiding the mire of nationalism let's just get on with the game without frontiers. You can't please everyone. This is still a good place to play chess."

Thanks ! :)

Graham Wyborn    (2006-08-01 23:53:22)
England not a country?

England is not a country!! What is it then? In the football world cup, we played as England, not United Kingdom. part of which is quoted above. "England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland = constituent countries of the United Kingdom." It is like saying France, England and many other countries belong to the EU, therefore all EU countries should have the EU flag, not there home country. I would prefer the English flag, but I can live with the Union Jack flag.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-02 00:02:06)
Country terminology

Hello Graham.

Ok, let's say it isn't a country in a political or at least a "certain" way... the one that ISO norm consider.

Actually, "country" can be a very ambiguous term. Anyway, there's absolutely no other (reasonable) solution than to respect this norm, otherwise I'll have continuously to "change" the world :)

Graham Wyborn    (2006-08-02 00:19:42)

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are all member countries of the ICCF. No players are said to come from the UK! Interesting to note that the ICCF has Ireland as a whole, not Eire and Northern Ireland.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-02 00:35:49)
ICCF members / countries

Interesting point... But do ICCF display another country code and flag than ISO norm for each player (I would be quite surprised, and it would be a bit complicated) ? Or country-members list is just something separated from players ? (so it wouldn't solve the problem)

Benjamin Aldag    (2006-08-16 01:47:12)
my only problem is my next move....

...nice to be from germany ;-) Best Regards Benny

Charlie Neil    (2006-08-17 11:08:36)
country flag

well said benny!