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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-12)
Contest : Your best quotes !

Once more it would be funny to add new quotes from FICGS players to the site... Feel free to create your own quotes and submit it in this thread ! .. The best ones (best play on words, most funny and so on...) will be displayed [with names] with the famous ones !

Have good quotes :)

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-08-12 20:56:37)

Let the quotefest begin!

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-08-12 23:28:00)
Re: Your Best Quotes

"At Last I Discovered The True Beauty Of Chess. So I Proposed To Her!"

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-13 02:10:26)
Quote 1

"Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work he/she is supposed to be doing."

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-13 02:11:02)
Quote 2

"If you are good, you will be assigned all the work. If you are really good, you will get out of it."

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-13 02:11:37)
Quote 3

"At work, the authority of a person is inversely proportional to the number of pens that person is carrying."

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-13 05:42:34)
Haha !

Good ones ! :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-08-13 06:11:01)
Re: Your best quotes!

"The 'MOVERS & SHAKERS' Of This World Are Those Who Play Chess In The Mornings & Go To The Disco In The Evenings."

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-13 06:14:26)

You're inspired tonight, Dinesh :)

Charlie Neil    (2007-08-13 18:25:50)

Dirk Stikker, NATO General Secretary 1961-1964 was once asked, "How many people work in NATO Headquarters?" He replied, "About half of them."

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-08-13 20:07:40)
My try.

Life is like Internet - nothing interesting, but noone want to leave it. <NN>

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-13 21:04:20)

Excellent :)

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-08-14 15:04:17)
I read it in someone's t-shirt

Rules and bones are meant to be broken.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-15 03:03:12)
Quotes added

New quotes have been added to the file :)

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-16 12:46:27)
Quote 4

Don't be irreplaceable, if you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-16 12:47:20)
Quote 5

You can go anywhere you want if you look serious and carry a clipboard.

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-16 12:48:40)
Quote 6

When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-16 12:49:51)
Quote 7

If something goes wrong and somebody smiles you can be sure that he already thought who to blame for it.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-16 14:31:21)
The quotefest continues...


Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-08-16 15:00:43)
a latin one...

Vae Victis!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-16 15:26:52)
a latin one

... meaning "Too bad for the losers" or "Woe to the vanquished"

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-08-16 21:27:50)

"To err is human, to shift the blame on someone else is tactical."

Michael Aigner    (2007-08-17 13:37:22)
My try

Optimism is a variety of information deficit. Sometimes especially true for CC games ;-)

Alexander Minkin    (2007-08-17 18:15:02)

As an engineer I like this one - If we knew what we were doing, we would not call it research. - Albert Einstein

Phil Cook    (2007-08-18 04:09:51)
Unknown Author

See someone without a smile,give'm one of yours.

Don Groves    (2007-08-19 00:37:44)

Internal peace cannot coexist with external war.

Don Groves    (2007-08-19 00:46:27)
For poker, bridge, and maybe chess ;-)

If you look around the table and don't see a pigeon, you are it! (pigeon is US slang for an easy mark; a sucker.)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-08-20 06:04:54)
Re: Your Best Quotes

"Kasparov's greatest move was showing the rest of the world that the darkest part of Rasputin still survives & terrorises Russian politics."

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-08-20 06:36:44)

Vladimir Ras - Putin is still alive ... He is also a good actor, I s saw him in the Lord of the Rings.

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-08-21 06:05:03)
Re: Your Best Quotes

"All Politicians Must Be Presumed Guilty Until They Are Proven Innocent."

Phil Cook    (2007-08-21 06:29:02)
No Machine

"I use what's between my ears"

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-08-21 08:57:52)

There is no good or evil, there is only fun and dull

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-08-21 10:59:39)
Re: Your Best Quotes

"The World Started Laughing The Day My Funny Bone Decided To Go On A Global Joke Trip."

Phil Cook    (2007-08-21 11:39:25)
The 3 Monkey's

The 3 Monkey's: See no evil,speak no evil,hear no evil

Philip Roe    (2007-08-28 22:52:27)

Work expands to fill the time available (C. Northcote Parkinson, in Parkinsons Laws)

Graham Woodcock    (2007-08-29 17:57:43)

"They say in chess you've got to kill the queen, and then you mate it... Oh I, do you?" ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fortune Faded

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-30 16:08:17)
The 3 Monkey's

Hi Phil ! .. In french it seems to me the 3 Monkey's is said something like "I see nothing, I say nothing, I hear nothing".. Funny.

Dan Rotaru    (2007-08-30 16:28:20)
Quote 8

"Stupidity is way more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has its limits, Stupidity doesn't."

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-30 17:13:14)

I've also read : "The difference between Stupidity and Genius is that Genius has its limits. - Murphy"

Don Groves    (2007-08-31 06:40:09)
Parkinson's other law

Quotes expand to fill the thread alloted to them ;-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-31 09:28:41)
Parkinson's laws

'Interesting' :)

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-08-31 13:35:27)
My favourite sentence ;)

'Wishes of happiness!'

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-08-31 16:55:29)
I read it in someone's T-Shirt....

Practice, practice and practice, I will always beat you.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-08-31 17:05:43)

Cactus - it is depressed cucumber.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-09-01 00:38:30)
My favourite quote...

... from FICGS chat :)

devassal thibault : Ilmars discovered sleep :) .. Good night !

cirulis ilmars : I was in very interesting chat with girlfriend...

devassal thibault : Oops.. I was wrong... :>

devassal thibault : lol !!

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 00:39:47)
2 variations

Two variations of translation.

"That's the way we lose our slipping away youth - chasing incorporeal demons of the information through the wires." - by friend.
"Youth is slipping away, during we are driving demons of information through wires." - by me.

Said by Andris Jaunbergs - someone from Latvian University (LU).

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 00:41:00)

"Youth is slipping away, during we are driving unbodily demons of information through wires."

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 00:42:20)
one by Bill Gates

"640k ought to be enough for anybody."

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 01:07:30)
one more...

"Stupidity causes cancer, fight IT!"
(Raivis Dejus, also Orvils)

Again from LU.

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 01:30:45)

There are few crazies that own world, other crazies are imprisoned. [Orvil]

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 01:32:22)

It's translation again. If you see any error, correct it. :)

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 01:34:37)

There are few mads that own world, but other are imprisoned. [Orvils]

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 01:48:53)
Friend's try..

Some mads own world, but some other mads are imprisoned. [Orvils]

Sorry for so much variations..

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-09-01 02:01:24)

Choose the best.

Thomas Tamayo    (2007-09-01 13:10:47)
Just came up with this one...

As a goal marker shodan is important. As a destination it is a poor place to stop.

Philip Roe    (2007-09-01 22:01:21)

As the days dwindle down.. to a precious few...(Maxwell Anderson, September Song.. or any CC-player)

Don Groves    (2007-09-02 00:08:08)
Another one about practice

Rodolfo wrote he saw this on t-shirt: "Practice, practice and practice, I will always beat you." In New York City, a tourist once asked someone how to get to Carnegie Hall (New York's most famous concert hall). The answer: "Practice, practice, practice!"

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-09-07 02:44:00)
And the winner is...

??? :)

Thanks to all, the quotes file will be updated soon... It was a very pleasant and imaginative thread ! .. to be continued ? :)

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-10-31 01:46:29)
Another one ...

Maybe it is a little late, but I found this one:

The economy depends about as much on economists as the weather does on weather forecasters.

-- Jean-Paul Kauffmann:

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-10-31 03:49:28)

It is never late for such quotes :)

Christophe Czekaj    (2007-11-08 13:22:33)
a Tarrasch quote

It's not a quote of mine but I found it amusing so ... "The opponent is threatening... nothing. This is the most terrible threat, because it cannot be evaded"