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Thibault de Vassal    (2008-08-14)
Contest : FICGS, acronym for...

FICGS, acronym for Free.. French, Fries what ? .. What is it, what should it be, what could it be....... Any ideas ? :)

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2008-08-14 14:11:36)
FICGS, acronym for.

Feminist Inter Continental Gastro Sympathetic

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-08-14 17:08:15)

What's the original name ? Your choice...

a) Free Internet Chess and Go Server
b) Free Internet Correspondence Games Server
c) Free Internet Correspondence Go Server
d) Free Internet Chess Games Server

Benjamin Block    (2008-08-14 17:35:28)
What's the original name?

I choose b. Because we don┤t only have Go and chess we hace Bigchess too :)

Sebastian Boehme    (2008-08-14 17:36:41)
I think c,)

Hi, it is interesting that c.) appears as a possibility, because Thibault is a strong Go player himself. Now I wonder was maybe his original idea to only make this a Go server? I thus vote for c.) Regards, Sebastian

Benjamin Block    (2008-08-14 17:45:03)
Thibault not only good GO player.

He is the highest rankad bigchess player and have 2464 in Chess and in Go 2332 and a good webmaster. I wonder how good he is in poker!

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-08-14 18:56:37)

Thank you... Maybe we'll know about poker in a while :) I feel my Go rating is over estimated though, my first Go games here prove that I really started from zero... anyway, always learning, as a webmaster also :)

Andrew Stephenson    (2008-08-14 20:31:38)

The best is a) as it describes the games played on the server. Bigchess can be seen as a chess variant and if "games" is supposed to cover just this and go it seems an exaggeration. However if Poker is to be included then b) would win my vote.

Mladen Jankovic    (2008-08-14 20:37:19)
Original name

b - because it's written on the front page.

Normajean Yates    (2008-08-15 16:11:10)
my vote also goes for b

b takes care of chess bigchess go any any future games that may be added.

Don Groves    (2008-08-15 23:32:29)
I also vote for b

B is best. It covers not only current games but future ones as well.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-08-16 11:51:51)
Definitely b)

That's right. It could have been FOGS (O for Online) or FCGS, FIGS, FGS, GS, G.. :) but well, I like complex names ;)

Don Groves    (2008-08-16 22:12:59)
One change?

You could say Intergalactic instead of Internet. This would definitely cover all future games, at least in this Universe ;-)

Normajean Yates    (2008-08-18 01:09:31)
fogs would have been good ;)

chess is quite a foggy game actually, if you see its evolution ... plus there is more fisk of losing one's way in chess than in a fog.

And the above applies much more to Go - i still hope some day to muster enough courage to try to reach above pre-novice level at Go : so Free Online Go & Sundry... FOGS ;) Wish thibault had thought of 'fogs' earlier :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2008-09-15 19:02:43)
Re: acronym for FICGS

FICGS = "Fricking Interesting Chess & Games Server". lol!

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-06-04 00:34:04)
Contest : FICGS, acronym for...

"First International Community for Global Sleep" (Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff) :)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.... :>