Conditionals ?

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Marc Lacrosse    (2008-06-17)
Conditionals ?

I know that this has been discussed before...
But I still feel that possible use of conditional moves would be a nice improvement here.
Nothing mandatory : simply the possibility to tell your opponent : "If you play this move my answer is that one". I cannot see how it could hurt in any way but I feel that it may help soften (and fasten) the play in situations like forced suites, exchanges and so on.

Your opinion ?


Garvin Gray    (2008-06-17 08:25:59)
conditional thematic tournament

I agree with this Marc and would like to see it trialled in a non rated tournament just like the thematic tournaments. That being said, I have seen Thibault express some concerns regarding conditional move use.

Andrew Stephenson    (2008-06-17 09:43:26)

Yes good idea. IMO no need to trial it though could be limited to rapid tournament where time saving is perhaps more important