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Conditional moves ?

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Marc Lacrosse    (2006-04-22)
Conditional moves ?

I cannot figure how to propose conditional moves. Is this feature implemented yet?

Maybe I did not read the rules accurately...

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-23 06:12:25)
Not yet

Conditional moves will be probably implemented, but not this week... Many things to do before.

I think it's generally an appreciated feature. Some players don't like to receive "automatic" moves just after they played, but it seems to be a "must" have for CC servers.

Stefano Ghisi    (2006-04-23 16:36:50)
conditional moves?

I think it's a feature important. Then, if you want to use it, you use...

Graham Wyborn    (2006-04-25 13:13:52)
Condition Moves?

I have played on another site which uses conditional moves. The Conditional Move is only operated after you opponent moves, therefore you are unaware of your opponents offer. Also players can turn the feature on or off. So if one player has it turned off, the opponent cannot use it. Conditional moves are good time savers. especially when making a capture and the opponent has only one good reply. It saves time. Hope Conditional Moves are coming to this site too!

Graham Cridland    (2006-04-25 16:02:04)

I'd suggest allowing one player to use them even if the opponent has them turned off, as otherwise it could get confusing... people might not ralize their move hadn't been executed.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-25 16:09:45)
So, no need to turn it off... !?

That's not obvious... Conditional moves may save time, may irritate too... Is it really "fair" ? His existence is arguable, in my opinion.

Graham Cridland    (2006-04-25 16:31:57)

You can't do anything with conditional moves you can't do just making the moves yourself. It isn't like it makes imitation harder to spot. It just saves time.

Glen D. Shields    (2006-04-25 16:48:28)
Another Opinion

I have mixed feelings on 'conditional" moves. I agree they save time, but they also can be irritating. Depends how they're sent and who sends them.

We all have those opponents who play whatever Fritz plays. When one gets in a rather simple series of moves, those opponents like to run out a string of 3 or 4 conditionals in a row. Opponents like that are like leeches. You can't get them off your skin without yanking them off and eradicating them :)

Time saving versus irritation. Considering the options, I vote for time saving. The faster I can get rid of Fritz opponents, the happier I am.

Just another opinion :)

Graham Cridland    (2006-04-25 17:22:16)

Well, I see your point (I have an opponent like that) but what you're really objecting to is their failure to use their time, not conditional moves (or even fritz). And I can't imagine that forcing people to use their time will be popular. Just have to NOT send the move back right away, sit down at the board, and figure out where Fritz goes wrong. Our German friend isn't all knowing (especially at the 14-16 ply people only give him much of the time). So you should generally win those games.

Glen D. Shields    (2006-04-25 20:39:39)
Hmmm ... yup

Graham - I think you summed it perfectly. I have no objection to conditionals nor do I care how much time folks use. What I find "irritating" (the word used in this thread) are those situations where you move and ten minutes later you're back on the clock again. Overused conditionals contribute to the "irritation," but hardly are the root cause.