Computer keeps locking up assistance

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Garvin Gray    (2010-03-31)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

I keep having this issue where my computer keeps locking up when I analyse positions for a while. I believe this problem is caused because the engines are using 100 percent of the available computer memory.

Does anyone know a way around this? ie to have the computer use on ninety percent of its memory, so leaving 10 percent for other stuff.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-31 10:35:32)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

It is the same with every engine?

Garvin Gray    (2010-03-31 11:15:56)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

With all the Rybka engines I have:

and Rybka 3.


Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-31 15:41:58)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Yes, I guess that you doesn't let your computer work a so long time with other engines :) Anyway, it is unlikely to come from Rybka. How much RAM do you use?

Josef Riha    (2010-03-31 19:46:59)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Hello Garvin, what's the size of your memory and engine's hash table? Normally, at 1 or 2 GB RAM 256 MB hash table is enough.

Josef Riha    (2010-04-01 09:14:18)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Other things you can do: Open the taskmanager and check the priority level of the Rybka process. The default value is normal.
What's the use of tablebases? Up to 5 or 6 Men? Notice that the 6 Men need extrem much memory.
Open the GUI options and click on the tablebase tab. What's the size of the cashe memory? The best value is 8MB.

Garvin Gray    (2010-04-14 09:05:55)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Ram: 3.49GB and I have the hash at 16mb.

6 men tablebases, but still have plenty of room on the hard drive.

How do I open the gui options, I use fritz 10 or 12 as my gui.

Josef Riha    (2010-04-14 09:32:05)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Do a right click at the free space under the chessboard. A popup-menu appears.
Click at options. Now you can see several tabs. Two of them are Tablebases GUI and Tablebases Engine.
There you can enter up to 3 paths where your tablebases are located on disk and the size of the cache-memory. At the GUI-tab you have a checkbox to activate for loading the TB's at program start. Fritz 10 options have only one tab for tablebases.
For more details click the help-button.

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-04-15 01:26:09)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Josef. Your post is interesting to me. when I do your procedure I do not see the option of gui tablebases. You have any answer ? I have had much trouble with 6 man tablebases and Rybka. all seems to be ok for last 2 weeks, but my engine only can get TB's thru the PV's no Gui lookup. Sure would like to fix this, if anyone has a suggestion

Josef Riha    (2010-04-15 09:26:50)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Wayne, the GUI-tab only exists in ChessProgramm12. All lower versions have only the 'Tablebases' tab.

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-04-15 17:06:14)
Computer keeps locking up... assistance

Thank you Josef. But a lone time back I did see it (I thought). Maybe I remember wrong. Anyone with Fritz11 gui see it ? thank you





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