Chess rating system and Suat Atalik


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Gultekin Gumusyazici    (2008-12-28)
Chess rating system and Suat Atalik

Primitive Chess Game rules still applied through world competitions does not represent capacity and skills of human brain but a useless rating system that only orders whose photographic memory is higher to cheat others detail improvisions. I just want to present a past time memory about this hypo. Suat Atalik Number 1 rated Master Skill here in FICGS was opponent to me at a simulation of 25 person at Middle East university when he gets fame. I have started a very defensive game to make him bored crazy. But those boring behaviours caused him to lose his Queen and game next 3 moves. What is most interesting that, His Photografic memory aworns him after he made his moves and passes 3 more players after me. Then, While i congragulate myself with some fucking hand moves, he stood there where he froze and came back to my desk disobeying order. There he stood against me and made his pose as he just remembered something. While I was pretending My man there is no hope for just fuck off he hehhehehe, He asked Ahh sorry i made some misplacement, let go 3 move back and evaluate this situation again. Man, I am just human I am not machine or Computer Memory. I can not fight against bots. it is insane. So I let him score back knowing I am Winner not loser. Loser he is loser the system he tries to success on. Chess System applied to rate people with such communities only applies a fake counts depends on bots photoprahic memories. And It tries to neglect Humans sensitive intentions on variations. There exist no bot yet to evaluate humans preferences at a game with advanced chess rules. Do not you ask me what is those advanced chess rules. Just Imagine them as not bots can do. And Cheating is applied on determined systems. Cheating belongs to bots and botminds. Sincerely, Best Chess player nEverknown

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-12-28 17:49:29)
Suat Atalik & advanced chess

Hello Gultekin, what do you mean exactly "bots", "cheating" ? I can't see the point, related to advanced chess played here or not...

Gultekin Gumusyazici    (2008-12-28 18:18:43)
Thibault de Vassal

Just Remember Kasparovs's complain about deepblue (bot-robot). He cried "This machine steals my photographic memory and plays as me." Chess game with common rulez has turned game determines winners whose memory realizes most likely picture of usual games. This is bot behaviour. Cheating is about neglecting improvements that is not common at pictures adopted as most likely winner moves. I always try unusual moves to surprize bots. At start I success but then bots leads game to other direction where most likely picture occurs by not doing move they fail. That is bot cheat. As Atalik has taken moves back.

Gultekin Gumusyazici    (2008-12-28 18:24:18)
Primitive chess rules

it is not allowed anything goes behaviour as man do. Accept it that Chess played at common has so primitive rules to reflect human mind.