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S. Uzdin, 2142
Y. Aahlad, 1914


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Chess engines ratings

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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-17)
Chess engines ratings

Some useful links about ratings and statistics for all well known chess engines : Rybka (2.2, 2.1 ..), Deep Fritz 10, Deep Shredder 10, Deep Junior 10, Hiarcs 11, Zap!Chess paderborn, Loop 10.32, Toga II, Fruit 2.2, Glaurung 1.2, Spike 1.2, Smarthink, Naum 2.0, Ktulu 8.0, CM9000, CM10th, Fritz 9, Chess Tiger 15, Chess Tiger 2007, Ruffian 2.1, List 11 and many others...

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-01-18 01:19:11)
Chess engines rating

Very nice information. A great big word of caution. We play coorespondence games here. Those engine-engine tournaments do not indicate directly which program is best suited for correspondence deep analysis, I do not have enough experience with the engines except earlier versions of Fritz, shredder, Hiarc, Junior and of course Dr Robert Hyatts Various versions of Crafty and Rybka. Rybka is top rated eng-eng program for fast time controls. But not sure that it is best for deep analysis. My guess is that Latest Fritz is at least as well suited for deep analysis and perhaps better. Then their is Shredder another top eng-eng program that is very very good at deep analysis. From what I read and for what it is worth those are the best engines. But if you want the strongest program for 40/120 time control down to bullet chess,then the clear winner is Rybka by Vas. Hope this is of interest. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-18 01:22:34)
Chess engines ratings


Wayne Lowrance    (2007-01-18 02:13:03)
Chess engines rating

+1......huh ?

Don Groves    (2007-01-18 07:25:27)

Fairly standard forum jargon. It means he's seconding your opinion.

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-01-18 17:42:27)
Chess engines

Ahhhh, thank you. I was not familiar with that one. Wayne