Chess WCH 22 march 1st 2020


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Thibault de Vassal    (2020-03-02)
Chess WCH #22 (march 1st, 2020)

Dear chessfriends,

This time, the correspondence chess rating list was updated just after that the new correspondence chess WCH cycle started, this is not really usual (and the answer is yes, I forgot to update it) but it can happen and it happened before... Just to remind that there is no particular rule about this, so one can't expect a 100% deterministic situation when a championship starts.

Best of luck everyone :)

A. T. S. Broekhuizen    (2020-07-02 19:58:50)
Chess WCH #22 (march 1st, 2020)

Dear Thibault,
Today I got an automatically generated email saying that I had won the first round of this years WCH (in group 3). However there is another player with the same score and a higher TER. So can I just ignore this email?

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-07-02 20:32:54)
Chess WCH #22 (march 1st, 2020)

Not exactly. It is possible that you find a spot in the next stage. I cannot be sure before building the groups, so we'll know in a few months.

A. T. S. Broekhuizen    (2020-07-04 20:21:10)
Chess WCH #22 (march 1st, 2020)

Ok thank you. I will keep an eye on it.