Chess Server Team Tournament


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Thibault de Vassal    (2012-12-21)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Dear chessfriends,

I just received this proposition to play a "Chess Server Team Tournament" that would be played on ICCF web server:

Any opinion? Who would be interested to play such a tournament?


Dear Thibault!

In recent years many friendly matches between different chess servers have been played. It has become a good tradition to organize such matches. A very good idea is to organize a round-robin tournament to find out the strongest team of a chess server.

We invite a team of your server to take part in the first unofficial correspondence chess championship for chess servers.

The championship is unofficial, because ICCF Officials do not head it.

The Organizer and Tournament Director is Pavlikov Andrey Nikolaevich who is experienced in organizing and directing both domestic (Russian) and international correspondence chess tournaments.

Invitations have been sent to administrators of the following chess servers:


Chess Planet (to play chess on this server one must have a client program which is free to download at main page of the site)

If you have a proposal to add any chess server, it will be taken in consideration.

Regulations of the event

Information on the event may be seen at

Best wishes, Andrey Pavlikov,

Russian Correspondence Chess Association Vice-President,

The Organizer of the event

Daniel Parmet    (2012-12-21 01:19:29)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I would gladly play for FICGS. Is this ICCF rated? How many boards in the teams?

Garvin Gray    (2012-12-21 03:27:48)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I would like to know about the rules and regulations for the event.

Alvin Alcala    (2012-12-21 09:50:32)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Please count me in, I'm very much interested.

Garvin Gray    (2012-12-21 09:51:28)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Having read the regulations :) I think there could be a few improvements.

1) The time control is wayyy too long and unnecessary. Our time control of 30 days plus 1 day increment is suitable
2) Only able to contact the tournament director through your team captain contravenes the laws of chess and also is ridiculous.

If a player has an issue with their game, they should be able to contact the td themselves. It is their game afterall.

3) Will the teams play in rating order?

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2012-12-21 16:54:43)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm ready to play any board for FICGS team. My ICCF ID# 862003.

Nick Burrows    (2012-12-21 18:19:55)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Hi guys, I would like to play if I qualify.

I noticed from previous conversations I had with members of other servers about a match, that longer time controls are usually preferred. Personally I would prefer quicker limits, but will happily play at any control. A slow match is better than no match!

Alvin Alcala    (2012-12-24 08:13:18)
Chess Server Team Tournament

How we will be shortlisted in this team tournament to represent FICGS?

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2012-12-24 12:14:22)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Who'll serve as Team Captain for FICGS?

Wayne Lowrance    (2012-12-24 19:06:57)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I am in if FICGS wants me to play...Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-12-28 01:16:01)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I have no answers yet... I'll let you know as soon as I know more!

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-12-29 22:46:10)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Well, actually many answers are in the tournament regulations...

If I understand well, each player should play from 8 games (!) to 16 games according to the number of servers participating (from 4 to 8), which is a lot...

- Is this ICCF rated? It seems that it is.

- How many boards in the teams? I read 30, which is a lot! Maybe too much.

- Will the teams play in rating order? I have no idea.

If we have players enough to enter this tournament then we can vote for a captain if several players want to be. As for me, I won't be able to play it.

The real question is who will be able to play 8 to 16 games on the ICCF server... As far as I can remember, we never found 30 players for a team event so far, without counting the forfeits.

So far, it seems that 2 servers accepted to participate while declined the invitation.


5.1. No less than 4 and no more than 8 teams to play the event. The teams represent chess servers. No one server is allowed to enter the event with no more than 1 team. Teams play each other in an each-to-each round-robin tournament.

5.2. Each team plays each team in a team match on 30 boards. Each player of a team plays 2 games (one with White pieces, one with Black pieces) with one player of the other team. Reserve players are prohibited to begin the games.

5.3. The team consists of 30 players. No more than 5 reserve players may be added in a team squad.

5.4. The games are rated for ICCF rating.

5.5. Time control is 30 days for 10 moves (with duplication after 20 days is used for a single move).

5.6. 30 days of leave per year are available for each player.

5.7. The team mates and captain can see the games live. Live transmission for public is delayed by 5 moves.

5.8. ICCF Playing rules are applied for the event. The playing rules may be seen at special page

Nick Burrows    (2012-12-29 23:41:07)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Yes, a team of 30 boards is way too ambitious.

Garvin Gray    (2012-12-30 03:11:59)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I think the 30 boards could be made up of 8 players each play four games, so that would be 32 boards.

Asking for 30 separate players seems too unlikely, and rather unwieldy for a first concept try.

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2012-12-30 13:00:10)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Imho, if certain server cannot enter a team of just 30 players, it becomes clear this server has a very weak resource. Therefore FICGS should enter 30 players without hesitations.

Daniel Parmet    (2012-12-30 17:45:46)
Chess Server Team Tournament

While 30 might be a high number... let us count that 9 have already responded t othis thread (and only Thibault has declined to play)... so finding 22 more shouldn't be so hard?

Neel Basant    (2013-01-04 05:29:26)
Chess Server Team Tournament

If FICGS wants , i will play willingly..

Ostap Hladky    (2013-01-04 22:58:52)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I will play for FICGS.

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2013-01-05 23:40:48)
Chess Server Team Tournament

So, we'll enter a team or not?

Niklas Hallqvist    (2013-01-10 00:20:41)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I will play for FICGS, no strings attached. I have ICCF id 451419.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-01-10 00:21:28)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Finally, I sent an email to all players about this tournament... we'll see if we can find 30 players. Not so easy IMO.

Arkadiusz Wosch    (2013-01-10 00:28:05)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play

Daniel Blike    (2013-01-10 00:59:04)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested in playing!

Josef Zmolil    (2013-01-10 01:10:40)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play.Thanks.

Jiri Mach    (2013-01-10 01:14:16)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Yes,I interested.

Jose Moreira    (2013-01-10 01:15:57)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play

Om Prakash    (2013-01-10 01:33:36)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play...

John Worthington    (2013-01-10 02:14:04)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I am interested and would love to play. :)

Garvin Gray    (2013-01-10 02:19:36)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I am in

Alvin Alcala    (2013-01-10 04:16:28)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Count me in. thx

Arnab Sengupta    (2013-01-10 04:37:11)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I am Interested

Ray Downs    (2013-01-10 05:22:33)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested in playing.

Valery Nemchenko    (2013-01-10 05:22:51)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Dear Thibault!
I am willing to participate in the team event of FICGS e server. My rating ICCF-2465. Please let me know who else from our server will be played on a board which I claim? Best regards, Valery

Dinesh Bhandarkar    (2013-01-10 05:47:43)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Iam interested

Shih-Chu Liao    (2013-01-10 06:53:28)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play

Frits Bleker    (2013-01-10 08:56:11)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Nice initiative that is worth to go ahead. I'm in without conditions!(ICCF rating 2395)

Thomas Hasyn    (2013-01-10 09:51:55)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I am interested to play.

Sergey Demchenko    (2013-01-10 09:55:59)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Я могу играть в турнире

Neel Basant    (2013-01-10 10:00:44)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I am to fool to understand ...!!!!!!!!!!

Maxim Genchev    (2013-01-10 11:21:29)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play

Maxim Genchev    (2013-01-10 11:42:45)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I agree to play, if the average reytig tournament chess server team tournament from ICCF will be at least 2300.

Maxim Genchev    (2013-01-10 11:47:06)
Chess Server Team Tournament

My rating ICCF-2309.

Sergey Demchenko    (2013-01-10 12:02:20)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Я могу играть. ID ICCF-142224

Mathaios Vardoulakis    (2013-01-10 13:18:55)
Chess Server Team Tournament

"I'm interested to play".Count me in please.

Happy new year to all!

Claudio Cabrera    (2013-01-10 13:25:59)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I want to play

Kieran Moore    (2013-01-10 13:52:21)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I have a full ICCF registration number and I would be interested in playing.

Neel Basant    (2013-01-10 14:40:30)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Confirmed( Interested) Players according to replies.

1.Daniel Parmet
2.Alvin Alcala
3.Bogoljub Teverovski
4.Nick Burrows
5.Wayne Lowrance
6.Neel Basant
7.Ostap Hladky
8.Niklas Hallqvist
9.Arkadiusz Wosch
10.Daniel Blike
11.Josef Zmolil
12.Jiri Mach
13.Jose Moreira
14.Om Prakash
15.John Worthington
16.Garvin Gray
17.Arnab Sengupta
18.Ray Downs
19.Valery Nemchenko
20.Dinesh Bhandarkar
21.Shih-Chu Liao
22.Frits Bleker
23.Thomas Hasyn
24.Sergey Demchenko
25.Maxim Genchev
26.Mathaios Vardoulakis
27.Claudio Cabrera
28.Kieran Moore

What a response!!!!!
sure Within 2/3 days will be more than 100 players.
Thib will have a headache while selecting 30 players..

Dmitry Tsimbalenko    (2013-01-10 16:20:33)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play. Take me to the team

Rich Pinkall Pollei    (2013-01-10 17:15:52)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I can play. My ICCF member # is 515095.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-01-10 17:59:37)
Chess Server Team Tournament

William Fuller is also interested to play. (received by email)

So, I accepted the invitation!

Now we need a team captain... Any volunteers? :)

Daniel Parmet    (2013-01-10 18:11:49)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I volunteer to be team captain. But we now have 31 players wanting to play. Also I would point out that we will probably get slaughtered on the lower boards as things stand right now. I saw at least one person wanting an ICCF team average of 2300. I would point out that I think a 2000 player here is 2300 over there but as things stand our FICGS rating average is 1964 based on the top 30 players ratings. For the 9 players that do have ICCF ratings our rating average is 2235.

Here is what information I could collect on our team so far:
Name FICGS Rating ICCF ID ICCF Rating TITLE Comment
1 Ostap Hladky 2527 941012 FIM
2 Valery Nemchenko 2521 940836 2465
3 Frits Bleker 2313 220159 2395
4 Garvin Gray 2281 30503 1993
5 Alvin Alcala 2237 896046
6 Wayne Lowrance 2194 FIM
7 Maxim Genchev 2187 940752 2309 Wants ICCF average of 2300
8 Arkadiusz Wosch 2169 89923 2307
9 Neel Basant 2138 280279
10 Daniel Parmet 2098 514938 2300
11 Om Prakash 2091 280243
12 Bogoljub Teverovski 2083 862003
13 Niklas Hallqvist 2082 451419
14 Kieran Moore 2042 260252
15 William Fuller 2033 514688 2350
16 Dmitry Tsimbalenko 1959 142268
17 Sergey Demchenko 1955 142224 2077
18 Nick Burrows 1944 212164
19 Rich Pinkall Pollei 1900 515095
20 Daniel Blike 1874 515250
21 Jose Moreira 1831 Are you the IM Jose Moreira id#399007, Rating 2390?
22 Thomas Hasyn 1808 865001 1922
23 Mathaios Vardoulakis 1800
24 Dinesh Bhandarkar 1707
25 Shih-Chu Liao 1660
26 Josef Zmolil 1632
27 Ray Downs 1536
28 John Worthington 1510 515287
29 Claudio Cabrera 1462
30 Arnab Sengupta 1340 280192
31 Jiri Mach 1010

Sergey Demchenko    (2013-01-10 18:19:59)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Возможно ещё более сильные игроки подадут заявку на участие в соревновании.

Nick Burrows    (2013-01-10 18:30:03)
Chess Server Team Tournament

yes I think some of our ratings are way under the actual level. My rating is 1934, but would be more accurate at 2300.

We should simply take our 30 highest rated players at the deadline for registaration in order to do Ficgs justice.

Neel Basant    (2013-01-10 18:56:15)
Chess Server Team Tournament

There will be entries from better players.
as within 6 hrs we have already 31 players..
More better players will reply as FICGS has too many good players..

Stefan Haack    (2013-01-10 19:24:02)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Im interested to play on iccf server


Daniel Parmet    (2013-01-10 20:37:23)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Thib... I know its a lot of games but it is also a very long time control! It would be great if you played. We need strong players and its your server we're coming to represent! I will volunteer to take captain duties so you don't have that work load.

Nilson Pereira    (2013-01-10 20:45:48)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I play. Count on me!

Daniel Parmet    (2013-01-10 20:51:37)
Chess Server Team Tournament

right now the top 30 responses by ficgs rating average to 1998. 10 of those 30 have ICCF ratings which average to 2166.

I'd like to us have a 2100 FICGS rating average so we can be a competitive team...

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-01-10 22:26:30)
Chess Server Team Tournament


Dear friends,

I'm very sorry, it seems that only 8 teams can play the tournament and they just found 8..... So we cannot play it.

Maybe 2 parallel tournaments could be possible but well, it wouldn't be the same thing, I guess.

That's my bad, I didn't think this would be a speed race and I was not so confident to find so many players interested. Obviously I was wrong :/

My apologies to all. Anyway, that's a good thing to know that server team tournaments played at ICCF web server are popular in the whole correspondence chess world. We'll be there next time!


Daniel Parmet    (2013-01-11 00:31:14)
Chess Server Team Tournament

How sad that they did not bother to tell us there was a hard deadline. Seems quite improper. They send an invite then rescind it!

Nick Burrows    (2013-01-11 01:05:29)
Chess Server Team Tournament


Garvin Gray    (2013-01-11 03:31:52)
Chess Server Team Tournament

They were after eight teams and they received that number before the hard deadline of Jan 15.

As they received the maximum number, they are right to close it. No point waiting when you are already have your maximum number.

Alvin Alcala    (2013-01-11 04:49:37)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Very sad news! So many interested players from FICGS wanted to join.

Charlie Neil    (2013-01-11 19:55:38)
Chess Server Team Tournament


If you need a lowly 1133 FICGS graded player to play count me in , Current ICCF grade of 1700, ECF 111. I have an ICCF ID as well.

And if not I don't mind. I enjoy my FICGS games.

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2013-01-11 22:06:09)
Chess Server Team Tournament

What a shame for FICGS!

Mykola Simashkevitch    (2013-01-11 22:20:15)
Chess Server Team Tournament

I'm interested to play

Garvin Gray    (2013-01-12 04:32:55)
Chess Server Team Tournament

You really should read the thread guys before offering to play :(

Maxim Genchev    (2013-01-12 10:54:08)
Chess Server Team Tournament

Respected organization FICGS!
Please tell me, have you an official invitation to the participation in the team competition of the servers?
The fact is that until now, I was told, there is no agreement on this championship with IKCHF.V this case (if one has an official invitation and was later denied participation on the team FICGS) it is reasonable to make a complaint to the ICCF

Garvin Gray    (2013-01-12 12:10:14)
Chess Server Team Tournament


Wouldn't it be quite likely that quite a few invitations were sent out with the condition of first eight teams confirmed are in, and the other eight teams had confirmed their participation before us.

I am wondering though, did they have to declare their full team list upon nomination.

We have a full team to nominate and I am wondering how many of the other teams are able to claim the same.

Maxim Genchev    (2013-01-12 12:37:39)
Chess Server Team Tournament

The fact that there is still not compatible with the ICCF this tournament representatives ICCF not even aware of its existence!