Chess Cup final 4


Chess Cup final #4

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Thibault de Vassal    (2021-09-20)
Chess Cup final #4

The 4th FICGS chess cup just started with 28 players... that is much more than the previous ones, and too many players most probably, but it should not happen again as 5 players groups will be double round robin from now (decreasing chances to see 4 or 5 players obtaining the same score).

Good luck everyone!

Garvin Gray    (2021-09-20 02:29:39)
Chess Cup final #4

As I already mentioned. To avoid this in the future, all that is required is that the initial groups need to be larger.

12 groups of 9 players etc avoids this issue entirely.

Garvin Gray    (2021-09-20 02:31:27)
Chess Cup final #4

One issue I am running into.

I am trying to download the pgn file.

Normally I download the 'my game' file to my desktop, then change the name, so it shows .pgn at the end, and then I can copy the games across to my database.

But for this tournament, I do not seem to be able to do this at this stage.

Thibault de Vassal    (2021-09-20 02:36:19)
Chess Cup final #4

Yes, of course larger groups will be better that way, I agree.

About the download, it seems to work on the tournament page & game page, could you tell me where you download it from?

Garvin Gray    (2021-09-20 03:09:17)
Chess Cup final #4

Solved the download games issue. I normally download the games from 'download my games' and right click save link as - to my desktop and then change the file name, so it ends with .pgn.

That changes the file to a pgn file. Then I copy the games across to the database.

This time, in the same location, I tried saving, all games, and it saved all games, then I filtered just my games, then I copied my games across to my database.

Garvin Gray    (2021-09-24 19:07:03)
Chess Cup final #4

So, in review of what occurred from the preliminary stage, where there 15 groups of 5 players, making 75 players in total?

Is that correct?

Thibault de Vassal    (2021-09-27 23:37:32)
Chess Cup final #4

It looks like correct, yes.