Carlsen training with Kasparov


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Nick Burrows    (2009-09-07)
Carlsen training with Kasparov!

Roll over Anand & Topalov!

William Taylor    (2009-09-07 14:57:28)
Good news

I'm glad to hear that. Hopefully Carlsen will be World Champ in a few years, and then Kasparov will take up competitive chess again to challenge his former pupil in a match! ;) Well, I can dream anyway.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-09-07 19:57:45)
Good news

.. and the photos are great :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-09-07 21:51:31)
Carlsen number 1

Now that Carlsen is training with Kasparov, how much time before being ranked number 1 in FIDE ratings according to you ?

William Taylor    (2009-09-08 00:45:12)

It depends whether you mean a solid, consistent number 1, or just being number 1 on one two-month period's rating list. The latter could happen at any time - he has been number 1 briefly on the live rankings before - though admittedly Topalov has quite a lead at the moment. I think Carlsen is still some way from being a dominant number 1 in the way Kaspy was though - that may not happen at all of course, and if it does I think it will take at least a year but probably rather longer.

Nick Burrows    (2009-09-11 23:30:23)
Kasparov interview

Here he talks about Carlsen and their work together..

Nick Burrows    (2009-09-12 02:33:28)

The video that the transcript was taken from;

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-09-23 10:34:53)
Long interview

Kasparov : "I am more an aggressive player, Magnus is more of a Karpov-like player"

Full interview :

What do you think about that ? :)