Can I change my name on Facebook?

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*rijebu    (2010-05-31)
Can I change my name on Facebook?

Hello, can I change my name on Facebook?  If I remember well, it is written in the terms and conditions that every member must use his real name so why would we be authorized to change it?

Also it seems to me that many users do not register with their real name but they are not banned, why?

Thank you.

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*jeduda    (2010-06-08 17:29:59)
12 years ago

u cant change your name, the least u can do is just to add a middle name...  or u can open a new account on facebook with the name u want , whatever it is , hasnt why to be your real name

*tufalu    (2011-03-11 07:11:20)
11 years ago

Hi There, Many users want to change their name after creating profile. you can change name easily. Please refer below website to find out how to change name step by step.


Also be careful becasue you can not change again and again. I have changed two times and when i tried third time it does not let me to change again. I hope this helps you.

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